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What is FoodyDirect?

FoodyDirect is an online marketplace bringing the most delicious food in the country right to the doorstep of your home or office.

The restaurants and artisan producers featured on our site are a highly select group. Each has won awards, garnered high praise from critics and bloggers and, most important, gets rave reviews from passionate and loyal customers. Each prepares and serves up a menu of mouthwatering dishes. Each is equipped to ship their sensational food anywhere in the USA. And all are committed to delivering the highest level of care and customer service.

FoodyDirect is a curated national restaurant row. Learn about our Partner's rich and colorful histories, which you can savor and enjoy in the comfort of your home or office.

FoodyDirect is online and always open. No waiting in long lines. No struggling to make reservations. And no tips or corkage fees!

The FoodyDirect Story

The FoodyDirect team hails from different corners of the country but we share a common passion: the intense enjoyment of delicious food prepared and served by fabulous restaurants. Food inspires us. We are glued to the Food Network, scour food blogs, constantly try new recipes and spend hours researching which restaurants to visit when traveling new cities. And our most cherished memories are sharing great food adventures and experiences with our close friends and family.

About a year ago, one of our founders catered a super bowl party by placing an online order from a top Boston area seafood restaurant. When the shipment arrived on time and in perfect condition, our founder and his guests enjoyed a fabulous authentic New England seafood feast ... in Palo Alto, California!

But we found that searching the web for other top restaurants that offer online ordering and shipping was difficult and frustrating. A Google search for the best Maine lobster dishes or Texas barbecued brisket generated pages of unfiltered web site listings with no way of discerning which are the best options. Food lovers simply have no single trusted one stop site from which to shop, browse and order from a selection of the best gourmet and regional foods to be prepared and shipped to them by the top restaurants and other providers in America...until now.

As Seen In...
September 23, 2016
CEO Brad Koenig featured on CNBC's Power Lunch describing how FoodyDirect works.
July 15, 2016
USA Today included FoodyDirect in a piece about “50 cool takes on ice cream this summer.” The article highlights our partner, Tin Pot's BBQ Swirl ice cream
June 29, 2016
Our partner, Sable's Smoked Fish Featured In the NY Times, Headlining: "A 25-Year-Old Nova in the Smoked Fish Universe"
June 07, 2016
The New York Times featured our partner, F. Rozzo & Sons, for joining forces with FoodyDirect. "A Chef’s Favorite Fishmonger Now Sells to the Public"
May 03, 2016
Chassie Post from featuring FoodyDirect on the Today Show. "Your not going to believe this. It's all from They are a curator where they bring together some of the most iconic foods from famous chefs and restaurants, artisans and bakeries from all over the country - so it will go straight to Mom's door"
April 25, 2016
FoodyDirect featured for Mother's Day gifts on Southern California's KTLA, channel 5 with lifestyle and fashion expert Lawrence Zarian. "And speaking of delicious, get Mom out of the kitchen while FoodyDirect takes care of all of her favorite sweet treats and has everything delivered to her front door"
November 21, 2015
FoodyDirect covered by CBS New York "Mail Order Meals: Famous Foods From Around The Country At Your Fingertips"
June 04, 2015
Father's Day is fast approaching, and because Dad should not have to cook for himself, for households across the country this brings up the tricky question of where to go for dinner. This year the answer might be "nowhere." That's because to a much greater extent than ever before, Dad can enjoy some of America's finest regional cuisine in the comfort of his own home – or backyard. FoodyDirect has lots of good stuff in categories that have been covered here, from high-end New York deli meats to Maine lobster, but a few renowned names jump out.
December 19, 2014
Bagel lovers rejoice: The only holiday gift you need is here. From December 22 to 30, Black Seed Bagels, the Manhattan shop with a seemingly perpetual line out the door, will ship two dozen bagels to your door, anywhere in the country. Bagel hunters can order through, which also delivers pretty immaculate smoked meat from Black Seed’s sister spot Mile End Deli.
December 17, 2014
You don’t have to step foot out of your home to pick up tasty gourmet treats for the foodies on your list. FoodyDirect will bring the deliciousness directly to their doorsteps, and shipping is always offered at a flat-rate between $9.95 and $29.95 per box.
December 08, 2014
Sweet treats to order online: Lifestyle expert Maureen Petrosky joins TODAY to talk about delectable foods you can order on the Internet, including Breads Bakery's Chocolate Babka Pie, available exclusively on FoodyDirect.
November 14, 2014
Top Pick for The Absolute Best Mail Order Pies for Thanksgiving!
December 09, 2014
Larry Olmsted describes the genesis of FoodyDirect. "No one was putting the best places in the country that shipped food together for food lovers in a curated and organized way." So he launched to do just that.
August 15, 2014
FoodyDirect Co-Founders Ken Koenig and Brad Koenig discuss the foundation and the expansion of their national gourmet food delivery service. They speak on “Taking Stock”.
December 10, 2014
Our partner Red Truck Bakery was featured in "Gifts for the food and drink lovers on your list"!
November 26, 2014
New York Eater featured our partners Breads Bakery and Mile End Deli. "The instant classic, Breads' babka, gets an upgrade in pie form. The bottom gets a chewy finish in the oven while the top remains flakey and perfect for pulling apart by hand. Mile End's Meat Pack from Brooklyn's ever-popular Montreal-style Jewish deli, can now be wrapped up and shipped out anywhere in the country. This is a great gift for the ex-New Yorker, but also for anyone who would be happy to have a box of meat arrive at their doorstep."
November 26, 2014
Holiday gift guide 2014: Gifts for food lovers -- New York Daily News recommends our partners, Mile End Deli and Murray's cheese as top gifts for the year.
November 26, 2014
Charles Passy's 12 Cyber Monday deals for foodies features our partner Mile End Deli "Texans aren’t the only ones who appreciate a good brisket. Montreal delis are famed for their Jewish-style brisket, too. And New York’s Mile End, a New York deli operator, has made this regional favorite their specialty. If you’re not a brisket buff, FoodyDirect’s other specialties range from Michigan fruit pies to Maryland crab cakes."
November 21, 2014
Our partners Murray's Cheese and Little Pie are recommend in Vanity Fair's "Best Food and Booze Gifts for 2014" "Thanks to the World Wide Web, you can stuff your friends and relatives with much better mail-order goodies than "I think that's a raisin" cake. From piles of Murray's cheese to impress your in-laws to the Little Pie Company's sour cream, apple-walnut forgive-me-for-not-coming-home-this-year pie"
November 19, 2014
In this Best Thanksgiving Desserts, New York Live recommends our partner Bread's Bakery Chocolate Babka, and available on FoodyDirect.
November 17, 2014
Our partner Bread's Bakery, was called out in The Best Things We Ate, Cooked & Drank This Week: Mexican Coke, Monkey Bread & More “Anyone who has watched ‘The Dinner Party’ episode of Seinfeld knows that a good chocolate babka is worth it. Worth the wait. Worth the calories. And now, it’s worth even more. Breads Bakery in New York, who I think makes the best babka in the city, has created a chocolate babka pie for Thanksgiving. I’ll give you a second to let that sink in. CHOCOLATE BABKA PIE. (P.S. Breads Bakery ships their babkas nationwide!)."
September 24, 2014
An instant fixture when it opened a few years ago, the Canadian-inspired Mile End is taking its meat on the road via a new partnership with Foodydirect.
August 07, 2014
Nye’s credits business turnaround to online specialty food curator FoodyDirect, which offers low-cost, flat-rate shipping. The FoodyDirect platform is designed to reduce shipping rates for restaurants and small food vendors looking to reach new customers.
June 10, 2014
Featured on Los Angeles News Station KTLA for Father's Day
June 06, 2014
For the man who always has a pair of tongs in his hand, the FoodyDirect Father’s Day Bundle ($249) will allow him to feast like a king. Designed to serve between 12 and 16 people, the box is stuffed with signature dishes from renowned BBQ restaurants across the country, such as brisket from Snow’s BBQ in Austin, Texas; sausage is from Black’s BBQ in Texas; pulled pork and sauce from Central BBQ in Memphis, Tennessee; and baby back ribs from The Montgomery Inn in Montgomery, Ohio. Eat up.
January 24, 2014
Introducing FoodyDirect, the new company that can deliver food from some of the country’s best restaurants right to your door.
December 02, 2013
10 best Cyber Monday deals for foodies. Great gourmet gifts available at a discount online.
November 30, 2013
This Ain't No Jelly-of-the-Month: Food Delivery Services You'll Actually Want
June 05, 2013
America's Greatest Restaurants And Best Foods Delivered Right to Your Door
June 04, 2013
In the Daily Meal's ranking of the 16 Best Mail-Order Food Companies, FoodyDirect was #8, just behind Williams-Sonoma and ahead of Dean & DeLuca.
May 20, 2013
FoodyDirect featured on China's Largest TV Network
May 06, 2013
Unique Mother's Day gifts for all types of moms
April 30, 2013
It is an awesome online website featuring iconic regional and gourmet foods prepared by great restaurants, bakeries, and specialty artisan producers.
April 29, 2013
Site lets you order from fave eateries across the country
January 23, 2013
How to get the best BBQ in Texas shipped straight to your Super Bowl party
December 07, 2012
Tasty: FoodyDirect Gets $3M, as Former Goldman Tech Banker Turns Entrepreneur
September 26, 2012
Are you cyber hungry? For foodies, Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to buy just about anything gourmet-related, from meats to cheeses, pizzas to pies and soup to nuts (literally).
What People are Saying...
I loved the multiple addresses function b/c remember last year feeling like it was such a pain to do it 3 times and was dreading that again. It was super easy and the adding gift message for each site was great.
- Sinda M., Portola Valley, CA
- Willie P, Burkburnett, TX
Okay, bad situation here. Your sour cream Apple pie was just way too good, I felt inclined to not only order another one but added your key lime pie to that order. I ordered the strawberry rhubarb pie today....your pies have made me believe again in the old fashion way pies used to be made...clean tasting, fresh Ingredients and just absolutely delicious! The sour cream Apple was the best dessert I have had since I lived in Europe many years ago! Thank you for an affordable shipping and very fast delivery method of getting fresh homemade NOT FROZEN pies!
- Judy D., Rydel, GA
Just ordered the Hot Damn Tamales. Best item on FoodyDirect! Fantastic!
- Jim W., Palo Alto, CA
I've been eating pasta my whole life but never anything like this (Raffetto's). There's something about it. It's outstanding.
- Anthony C., Warren, NJ
I LOVE YOUR SITE and SERVICE! This is the best idea ever. We get to support local businesses around the country send love and genuinely yummy food to our family and friends. I found this site last week and have used it FOUR TIMES already!
- Katherine S., Brooklyn, NY
Having grown up in NYC, I did not have high expectations for the Deli Heaven package from Kenny & Ziggy's. I was very pleasantly surprised when the package arrived nicely packaged – everything was cold but not frozen and there was no spillage from the pickles or Russian dressing. I was even more pleased when I opened the individual packages to find incredibly lean pastrami and corned beef. My family has enjoyed the turkey, the corned beef, and the pastrami. The bread (a huge loaf) and pickles were also excellent. This Houston-based deli could give any NYC deli a run for their money.
- Carolyn S, Monclaire, NJ
Just ate our Sable’s New Years Day spread. Felt like my husband walked home with it like the old days in NYC! Perfect tuna, lobster salad and whitefish salad, seriously just like picking it up only easier! My kids want a weekly delivery of tuna! The H&H bagels amazing too. Made our New Years Day yummy and extra special!
- Felicia W, Los Angeles, CA
I chose FoodyDirect as my source for Holiday Treats for my colleagues in three different locations. For two groups, I ordered the "Greatest Hits" 3 Pack from We Take the Cake and for the smaller group, "The Babes" Mini Blondies & Brunettes from Hot Blondies. The We Take the Cake recipients ate the cakes up so quickly, I barely got to sample them - this was on a day that other holiday treats had arrived, and those were still only partially eaten, whereas the We Take the Cake cakes were demolished. The boxes were so pretty and festive; it made them seem extra special. The key-lime was my favorite, but I was surprised by how moist and delicious the red velvet was. The "Babes" from Hot Blondies were also well received - I was told they were both delicious and "so cute." I think all the groups that received these gifts were genuinely appreciative and felt that this year was better than last! I plan to repeat the order next year! Thanks for finding these great bakeries and making ordering easy with FoodyDirect!
- Sinda M., Portola Valley, CA
I ordered two Philly Cheesesteaks from Campo's Deli, they came in yesterday and let me say, I was impressed. First the sandwiches, we loved them, they were absolutely mouthwateringly good. Second the packaging. I was happily surprised everything was separated in order to keep each ingredient as perfect as possible ... heck I was even surprised to find some pretzels, snack cakes and even some peanut chews in there too. Also loved that it came with prep and cooking directions, not to mention a fridge magnet for Foody Direct (which is on my fridge right now). I think I will be making orders from here once a month, got plenty of other restaurants to choose from. Thank you very much.
- Ash A., Longview, TX
I am from the Detroit area and was so excited to try the pizza from Detroit Style Pizza Company. My family and I love the pizza we get when we visit the Detroit area several times a year. We ordered the cheese pizza from Detroit Style Pizza Company and loved it! It made us feel like we were back in the Detroit area and we will definitely order more!
- Melinda L., Atherton, CA
We placed our first FoodyDirect order last week (from Turner’s Seafood) and it was totally impressive on many fronts. The packaging was marvelous-everything fresh, well packed and beautiful (we are going there next time we are in Mass!). The direction sheets were fabulous and super easy to read/apply and made you want to buy many other treats. And the food? DELICIOUS – the Oysters Rock were amazing and we’re still savoring the lobster knockout! This will be a go-to gift idea and go-to for future dinners when we want to WOW the CROWD…thank you!
- Brian F., Brooklyn, NY
We ordered the Fresh Herb Fried Turkey from Jive Turkey for Thanksgiving. Initially thought it was a little pricey but definitely worth it for how easy it was! Ready in an hour, super juicy and very delish.
- Felicia W, Los Angeles, CA
Last week I ordered JENNY’s HOMEMADE COOKIES from FOODYDIRECT. The order arrived in a beautiful box and before I knew it, my entire family was in the kitchen warming up our cookies in the microwave and sitting down at the table with glasses of cold milk (we are dunkers). The cookies were big, soft, DELICIOUS! And the best part of all… it brought my family together! I will be ordering again soon for the Varsity Volleyball team, and I will be sending these precious treats to my God Son at Princeton for him and his roommates to devour. THANK YOU FOODYDIRECT for finding such an awesome bakery!
- Kim M., San Francisco Bay area, CA
My family and I moved to Boston, MA in 2008 and I fell totally in love with all of the fresh seafood! We were then transferred to Austin, TX for 2 years and recently moved to Ohio where I can purchase seafood from the grocers but the quality is no comparison to the delicious seafood of a coastal region. Now I can have my fresh, delicious seafood and eat it too thanks to this wonderful site. 
Thank you all for compiling all of the wonderful assortments of products that are available all on a 'one-stop-shop' site!
- Amanda B., Columbus, OH
Lox were sublime and I mean that in the truest sense of the word. I cut out the Sable's logo and displayed it by the salmon. Packaging was terrific - everyone loved it. Served with brown bread and butter, red onion and capers - so yummy. I am saving the cheesecake for this weekend - also packaged very well and everything is so speedy!!!! Shipping costs sealed the deal!!
- Barbara G., Allentown, PA
My family was so excited when it arrived in 100% quality. They couldn't believe that I was able to send ice cream from Anderson’s in perfect condition hundreds of miles away. It was a piece of their hometown sent to their new home!
- Erin M., Cheektowaga, NY
Sometimes we get a craving for things we grew up with like Beef on Weck from Anderson's. You've provided us with a wonderful memory refresh. Can't thank you enough. We already put in our second order.
- James M., Arvada, CO
Had The Narrows crab cakes last night. Simple to prepare and amazing!
- Mike M., Austin, TX
I must tell you the chopped chicken liver from Sable’s is the best I have ever eaten, and the H&H bagels were the real deal. The reheating instructions for Black’s BBQ were perfect and the beef ribs had a dramatic appearance that would thrill anyone and they were moist and juicy. I think it is an awesome value and for anyone who knows Texas BBQ this is a grand slam home run. Next up is Memphis ribs!
- Don B., Red Bank, NJ
The Memphis BBQ Family Dinner from Central BBQ was GREAT! Everything heated up nicely and I threw the ribs on the grill for a few minutes at the end just to get them really hot. We had 4 adults and 3 kids and ended up with tons of leftover pulled pork and half a slab of ribs. Everything was delicious. Below is an email we received from our guests: “Thank you so much for such a fun evening last night! The food was delicious (and abundant) and we greatly appreciate all of your kindness and hospitality. Ahh, summer is here!”
- Brad S., Mamaroneck, NY
My mom said that she cried. It was a birthday that she will always remember. She said it was the best chocolate cake she ever had!!!! (from We Take the Cake). Three words...reliable, prompt and delicious!
- Judy S., Brooklyn, NY
I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled upon your site last Friday. Convenience aside, I find your Customer Service function remarkable.
- Leon J., Sacramento, NJ
We just finished off the last of our Phil's Fish Market cioppino, and we're still working our way through the Sable's Scottish salmon. The quality of the food, as I'm sure you know, is wonderful -- the salmon is off the charts! -- but I also want to report that the shopping experience with FoodyDirect was outstanding! We plan to be repeat customers. A FoodyDirect meal is a wonderful solution to a dinner at our condo downtown, when we often arrive late and don't have time to shop or cook. Keep up the good work!
- Eric P., Escondido, CA
I loved the BBQ from Black's. Brought some of the leftovers in to work to share. Co-worker from TX said that it was exactly the way it should be.
- Charles M., Hillsboro, OR
My grandmother who now lives in NC was craving a roast beef on weck (and so was I). Thank you FoodyDirect for a special treat!
- Rachel M., Minneapolis, MN