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Craving an awesome regional specialty that you can’t easily get your hands (or taste buds) on? Want to make someone’s day with a delicious gift? See how FoodyDirect delivers the best gourmet mail-order foods and gifts online to your door!
Discover new food obsessions or rediscover an old favorite from your hometown, college, or travels.
Schedule Your Order
No more “It’ll get there when it gets there.” With our ordering calendar, you can choose the delivery date for your special meal, event or gift.
Schedule your gift to arrive on Mom & Dad’s anniversary, or on your friend’s birthday, and add a custom gift message. Order for your special dinner or cocktail party from one - or several - awesome FoodyDirect partners, and conveniently select your arrival date.
Get Super Low-Cost Shipping
To make all this incredible food more accessible, we offer SUPER-LOW, NATIONWIDE FLAT-RATE SHIPPING! Depending on your shipping address and the products you order, you will always be presented with a SUPER-LOW SHIPPING RATE between $9.95 and $39.95 (per shipping box).
Bonus: You will be notified via email when your order has shipped, and when it has been delivered to your door.
Enjoy Awesome Food!
Your order will arrive with simple and clear instructions for optimal storage and easy preparation. Start planning your next feast or special evening and share it with your friends and family! Your table is ready…
(with no waiting, tips or corkage fees!)