Frozen Custard and Ice Cream 6-Pint Pack

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This best-of-both-worlds combo pack is a great way to sample 6 fabulous flavors of Anderson's signature frozen custard and hand-made ice cream. Anderson’s signature frozen custard is made according to Carl and Greta Anderson’s original 1946 recipe, and their handmade ice cream is made in small batches and has earned the highest awards and honors. Package includes an ice cream scooper.

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Anderson's is now proud to offer 2 new plant-based, vegan frozen dessert flavors: Coconut Chocolate Almond and Chocolate Raspberry. These deliciously creamy rice and coconut base frozen desserts are hand flavored with all plant-based ingredients and are 100% vegan. There is an additional charge of $1 per pint for these flavors.

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9 reviews

Posted on 08/23/2018

Quite tasty. Will probably be back for more when this is gone.

Brooklyn, NY
Posted on 07/26/2018

This is the third time ordering Anderson’s Frozen Custard and Ice Cream. I always order pistachio custard because I love pistachio and I buy a couple of flavors I never tried before, this time I ordered the Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake and it was great. I will definitely order Anderson’s Frozen Custard and Ice Cream again. Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake will definitely be in that order and there are still several flavors I want to try.

Brooklyn, NY
Posted on 07/06/2018

Since I ordered this item before, there really isn't much I could say but the custard is really creamy and taste great. I ordered my usual pistachio custard because I love it so much. I tried the lemon ice for the first time and it was really but I do recommend this you eat it slowly, I did experience a few brain freezes but it was worth it. Definitely will be ordering again in near future.

Saint Clair, PA
Posted on 06/28/2018

The Strawberry Custard was excellent as was the Lemon-blueberry ice cream! The Black Cherry Ice Cream was top notch! A little expensive for ice cream, but you have to treat yourself once in a while.

Brooklyn, NY
Posted on 05/26/2018

Anderson’s Frozen Custard Frozen Custard and Ice Cream 6-Pint Pack was really good. The frozen custard is so creamy and light. The ice cream is heavy like most ice creams, it's creamy enough without the taste or the feeling like your are eat the creamy fatness you taste n in most ice creams. The various flavors are presented but not to over powering. I loved the pistachio custard since pistachio is my favorite flavor of ice cream. The black cherry ice cream was good as well as the chocolate ice cream. I gave the vanilla ice cream and the strawberry and black raspberry custard to family members, they loved it as well. Definitely on my list for future reorder.

Fresno, CA
Posted on 02/16/2018

So good every bite

Silver Spring, MD
Posted on 08/19/2017

Wow, this stuff if wonderful. The honeycomb candy was a wonderful surprise and absolutely my favorite. The cinnamon in the ice cream and the custard were both very good but I was expecting the spice not the flavor of red hots. The delivery came right on time and all 6 containers were super hard and ready for the freezer. I definitely will order from them again, the sale price made it hard to resist. YUMMY!

Baldwinsville, NY
Posted on 07/14/2017

Creamy good texture and taste

Baldwinsville, NY
Posted on 07/14/2017


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All orders ship Monday thru Thursday via 2-Day service or faster. The cutoff time for same-day shipment of orders is 12 Noon (ET).

Storage & Care:

Frozen custard and handmade ice creams from Anderson's can be kept frozen for up to 3 months, but are freshest when consumed within 2 weeks. Roast beef for "beef-on-weck" can be held frozen for up to 4 weeks, and should be enjoyed within 3 days after defrosting.