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NYC's most ambitious new bagel shop!


Grub Street

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The minute two of New York’s most respected culinary talents, Noah Bernamoff (of the famed Mile End deli) and Matt Kliegman (of TK The Smile) joined forces in 2014 to bring better bagels to New Yorkers, they instantly garnered an avalanche of praise. And no wonder. Their bagels, which combine the best of NY- and Montreal-styles, are simultaneously creating a renaissance and an evolution of one of the nation’s most beloved breakfast options.

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About the Bagels

Smaller, crustier, and more well-done than many of today’s ubiquitous and uninspired bagels, these addictive beauties combine the best of Montreal and NY-style bagels. Hand rolled, boiled in water sweetened with honey and baked in a wood-fired oven, they’re exceptionally soft, dense, and chewy inside and have a beautiful balance of sweet and salty. Available in plain, poppy seed, sesame, salt, multigrain, and everything, they’re everything a great bagel should be...and less (Co-owner Noah Bernamoff is fine with toasting, but he draws the line at scooping. “There’d be nothing left!”).

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Meet the Owners

The first collaboration between NY culinary luminaries Matt Kliegman (of The Smile) and Noah Bernamoff (of Mile End Delicatessen), Black Seed Bagel was interestingly a byproduct of Hurricane Sandy; After Noah’s brief stint with bagel baking was disrupted in 2012, when the hurricane destroyed his facility, Matt was one of the first to offer help. Ensuing discussions on their shared disappointment with contemporary bagel offerings resulted in what has instantly become the most lauded source for truly good bagels in NYC. The partners mission, according to Bernamoff, was “to capture the best of Montreal and New York bagels — a little sweet, a little salty; dense and chewy, but equally light and airy; heavily seeded but firm and just a little waxy.”

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NYC's most ambitious new bagel shop!


Grub Street

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It’s quite the feat trying to impress bagel-snob New Yorkers, but it’s easier when you’re deli doyens Noah Bernamoff and Matt Kliegman.


Time Out New York

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You have to give Black Seed’s Matt Kliegman and Noah Bernamoff credit for doing the unthinkable: getting people excited about bagels again. Smallish in size with a largish hole that affords a superior crust-to-crumb ratio, they’re perfectly dense and chewy, with a hint of crispness. Is there a Yiddish term for al dente?


Grub Street

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There’s no reason for a New Yorker to wait an hour for a bagel. Yet Black Seed, a shop in downtown Manhattan that opened in late April, has locals queuing up to try its smaller, chewier, poppy-seed-covered version. Black Seed makes its dough with New York tap water and honey (a Montreal tradition), then cooks the bagels in a wood-burning oven so the crust gets crispier and the seeds blister.


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