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Buffalo, NY
"Buffalo's Pizza Mecca" - Buffalo News

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Bocce Club Pizza began in the early 1900s in Buffalo, New York, as an outdoor bocce ball club that served sandwiches and drinks to the players. But in 1946, employee and WWII vet Dino Pacciotti bought the club, found an old pizza oven in the basement, and began baking pizzas. It was then that bocce took a backseat to an even larger attraction: authentic Italian pizza pies. Still owned and operated by the Pacciotti family, their dedication to quality ingredients and traditional preparation remains the cornerstone to Bocce’s success. Now, as in the beginning, each pie is handcrafted from the finest all-natural ingredients in traditional Neapolitan style.

About The Food

Bocce Club’s pies strictly adhere to proprietary flour mix, dough, and sauce recipes developed by founder Dino Pacciotti in 1946. The result is a pizza that commands thousands of mail-order customers per year, all clamoring for Bocce’s thick, lightly charred crust, abundantly seasoned slightly sweet sauce (made in small batches), delightfully gooey layer of 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese, and generous smattering of toppings. Plus, consider their size; while pie diameters seem to be shrinking over the years, these cooked-to-order pizzas are a whopping 18-inches wide and easily feed four hungry pizza lovers.

Meet The Owner

WWII vet father Dino Pacciotti transformed a neighborhood bocce club into a dining destination with his classic Italian pizzas. Today, his son Jim Pacciotti proudly champions the pizza-making traditions established by his father, using the same dough and sauce recipes developed by Dino in 1946 and ensuring that each pizza is made from the finest all-natural ingredients and sent home warm and ready to be enjoyed.


33 Best Pizza Shops in America


Thrillist, September 2014

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Prep & Care

To ensure freshness, Bocce Club Pizzas are "half baked" and frozen just before shipping. They will likely arrive partially or fully thawed, so store your pizza in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve it (up to 2 days). If you do not intend to enjoy your pizza within 2 days, you can freeze it for up to 2 months.