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This combo pack from the "Best Bakery in New York" comes with 2 Chocolate and 1 Cinnamon Babka. But good luck deciding which is your favorite. Our suggestion – brew yourself a cup of coffee and have a babka taste-off. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

Chocolate Babkas are made with cultured butter from France, and a mixture of Nutella and Belgian dark-chocolate chips, all of which is spread over laminated dough that’s braided into a babka loaf. Immediately after baking, the babkas are bathed in sugar syrup to ensure a crisp, burnished crust and a rich, chocolate-veined interior that remains deliciously moist for days.

Cinnamon Babkas are made with cultured butter from France, and a mix of cinnamon, raisins and walnuts, all of which is spread over laminated dough that’s braided into a babka loaf. Immediately after baking, the babkas are bathed in sugar syrup to ensure a crisp, burnished crust and a rich, cinnamon-buttery interior that remains deliciously moist for days.

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37 reviews

Deerfield, IL
Posted on 07/21/2018

Products are great and delivery is fast. Generally gone within a couple days of arrival. Wish shipping was cheaper, but that's the expense of getting it fresh.

Fayetteville, NC
Posted on 06/21/2018

I ordered the 3-pack of Chocolate and Cinnamon Babka. These cakes are absolutely amazing!!! I highly recommend you try them. I wish I had someone to advise me on Israeli food so I could order more food.

Posted on 01/06/2018

Felt like I was in Manhattan, however one of Manhattan’s finest breads was delivered to my door. The chocolate babka is devine & pairs well with tea or coffee morning, noon or night. It freezes well; thaws easily. What a wonderful New Year’s treat I was given!

Posted on 01/05/2018

Great chocolate babka!!!!

Posted on 12/30/2017

one of the best holiday gifts i received this year. very tasty and was the perfect treat during breakfast and dessert over the holidays. i highly recommend this as a nice gift!

Crozet, VA
Posted on 12/22/2017

Wonderful treats! This is not the first time we ordered! Will definitely order again. Thank you!!

Posted on 12/14/2017

Amazing Babka! Having relocated to California 5 years ago there are certain things you miss about NY. Thanks to Breads I can have my Babka and eat it too!

West Orange, NJ
Posted on 06/10/2017

We recently had a celebratory brunch for many friends and family. While the bagel store did much of the catering, and I cooked many mini-quiches and prepared a sweet kale salad with red quinoa (all well hailed), there was no way we weren't having Bread's babka for dessert. And that made the crowd go wild! Worth the cost, always! (My son's favorite holiday gift and there is nary a recipient who does not agree).

Easton, MD
Posted on 05/03/2017

Arrived fresh. Extremely tasty. A real treat for us who live away from New York City

Santa Teresa, NM
Posted on 03/31/2017

Came fresh, the instructions helped make the treat better

Christopher t
Griffin, GA
Posted on 02/25/2017

Expecting intense hazelnut chocolate flavor but could only taste rich chocolate,which if you are in the mood for is great. Disappointed after seeing this made on the chew segment with hazelnut superlatives etc. Quality, service, delivery perfect. Cinnamon babka, awesome full of flavor, walnuts etc! Expecting the opposite with the chocolate, should have gotten the 2 cinnamon 1 chocolate to try for first time.

Judith a
Chicago, IL
Posted on 02/15/2017


Essex, MD
Posted on 02/08/2017

This bread was awesomely good. My first time ordering but won't be my last.

Memphis, TN
Posted on 01/17/2017

I've heard about babka for years (Seinfeld of course), but never tasted it. I guess you build things up in your mind as being wonderful, so that's what you expect. But this was crumbly, hard to cut and a bit on the dry side. It did have a good flavor, but was a little disappointed.

Summit Hill, PA
Posted on 01/07/2017

Not being familiar with babka I was curious and seeing the clip of the bakery on" The Chew " It definitely had a big impact on my decision to just go for it and order it... my Christmas gift to myself and my husband... OMG.. so good. Rather expensive but so worth it... I froze 2 of the babkas for another time as I would have eaten them in a week no problem.

Smithtown, NY
Posted on 01/06/2017

This time the shipping and the order were prompt and correct and fresh! I thought I'd give it another shot because last year it was a disaster - wrong order, late, stale, crumbs, Bread's Bakery shipped us another order to compensate for the mistakes.

Mary e
Prescott, AZ
Posted on 01/06/2017

Good Babka, but a little dry around the edges, as though they had been frozen or maybe overcooked.

Posted on 01/04/2017

Arrived looking lovely, were fresh and delicious. Would order them again.

Signal Mountain, TN
Posted on 12/30/2016

The 3-pack Babka combo (I got 2 cinnamon and 1 chocolate were absolutely delicious! The reasons I'm not giving the order 5 stars are 1. the shipping costs were really high, more than the cost of the product, and 2. you can't buy 3 of the same flavor, either 2 cinnamon and 1 chocolate or 2 chocolate and one cinnamon. I really wanted 3 cinnamon. But as I said, they were super tasting. I won't, however, order again because of the high shipping costs.

Deltona, FL
Posted on 12/29/2016

My new favorite find for gift giving and a personal treat. The babka is light, buttery and melt in your mouth delicious.

Posted on 12/28/2016

The chocolate babka is amazing! Terrific for any occasion or just for snacking.

Donald r.
Bloomington, IN
Posted on 12/24/2016

My family loved the babka. We ended preferring the chocolate but that was a close call. We'll definitely order from you again.

Hooksett, NH
Posted on 12/23/2016

The Chocolate Babka was wonderful! Will definitely be ordering it again.

Providence, RI
Posted on 12/21/2016

The chocolate babka is good but the cinnamon is absolutely delicious. It's hard to find good babka these days so now I know where to get it.

Gansevoort, NY
Posted on 12/18/2016

The babka arrived fresh. It was incredibly delicious. Would definitely order it again

Englewood, NJ
Posted on 12/08/2016

It's wonderful to be able to get these babkas from Breads Bakery delivered to my home! They are absolutely delicious! It's great that I can now get some of Breads' baked goods even when I can't get to their store. The service is fast and easy, though pricey.

Washington, DC
Posted on 12/07/2016

This was my first time tasting babka and it was delicious.I will be ordering more in the future.

Manhasset, NY
Posted on 10/24/2016

I ordered this same babka last year for the Jewish holidays. It was better last year. It arrived fresher and the cake itself was more moist and had more chocolate. This year it was pretty good, but not great.

Fresno, CA
Posted on 10/15/2016

Excellent.....brought back a lot of memories.

L agatha
Miami, FL
Posted on 10/06/2016

it was really good. delivered nicely and tastes great. thanks!

Yorktown Heights, NY
Posted on 09/20/2016

Exactly as it was described, this babka is unbelievable. We cut in to one of the chocolate ones immediately and froze the other two for the upcoming Jewish holidays. You need to try this babka!

Tim allen
houston, TX
Posted on 09/17/2016

Poor packaging, no insulation, product was hot when received causing it to be totally dried out and inedible.

Silver Spring, MD
Posted on 08/23/2016

My family devoted all 3 banks on vacation. I prefer the chocolate while my husband favors cinnamon. Either way they're fabulous. And they freeze well.

Calistoga, CA
Posted on 06/23/2016

Love this babka in the NYC store and it is just as great shipped. The babka is great to freeze and I have sent for gifts. Truly a treat your friends will thank you for and enjoy!

Taylor, TX
Posted on 06/18/2016

All right...nothing out of the ordinary in taste

Posted on 06/15/2016

Delicious! I couldn't use it all at one time so I put it in the freezer. I have used the cinnamon pop Kinda make the most fantastic French toast I've ever tasted!

Posted on 06/15/2016

loved it!

Shipping Days
Storage & Care:

The babkas are pulled from the bakery's ovens at 4 or 5pm the day they are shipped, so they are incredibly fresh when they arrive at your door the next day. Enjoy your babkas within 24 hours of arrival, or freeze immediately for up to 60 days. If frozen, thaw at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours - they will still taste delicious and fresh.

Allergy Alert:

Chocolate Babka - Contains Nutella (hazelnut spread) <br> Cinnamon Babka - Contains walnuts