Breads Bakery™ Special Cookies

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There are cookies, and then there are cookies! Breads Bakery™ bakes many different types, but the two featured in this package are truly memorable. Their Granola Cookies are darker and packed with intense flavor, and their Butter Pecan Cookies are lighter and more delicate. Go for all one kind, or half and half (recommended).

Includes 4 x 5-oz packs of Cookies (about 10-12 cookies per pack)

Ships Monday through Friday via overnight service
Order by 1 PM (ET) Wednesday for Delivery by Friday

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1 review

Memphis, TN
Posted on 01/17/2017

These cookies, both kind, were wonderful! Loved both and will definitely order again!

Storage & Care:

The cookies are pulled from the bakery's ovens at 4 or 5pm the day they are shipped, so they are incredibly fresh when they arrive at your door. The cookies will remain fresh for up to two weeks.