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Born in Central Europe and elevated in Israel, the braided loaf-shaped cake known as babka is at its best in New York City—and now your home!—thanks to Union Square's legendary Breads Bakery™. Shipped mere hours after they’re pulled from the oven and anointed with sugar syrup to ensure its crisp, burnished crust and moist interior, you can’t find better, fresher, or more crave-worthy babka than this! Breads Bakery™ bakes their iconic chocolate babkas all-day, every day, using cultured butter from France, Nutella, and Belgian dark-chocolate chips, all of which are spread over the dough before braiding it into a traditional babka loaf. Great for brunch, dessert, or to nibble with your favorite coffee, these babkas also make the perfect host gift – just make sure you keep a few for yourself!

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33 reviews

Ellen garber
Posted on 03/21/2018

Outstanding! Best babka...fresh, moist...will miss it when it is gone...which will be very soon.

East Brunswick, NJ
Posted on 02/10/2018

I continue to order this for my mother and friends. They love it!

Farrel irvin
Posted on 12/13/2017

Delicious. Just like I picked it up from the bakery.

Posted on 10/26/2017

Delicious bobka, arrived quickly and fresh. Would definitely recommend.

Honolulu, HI
Posted on 10/18/2017

Our friend from NY sent it to us - very delicious treat!!!

Gainesville, FL
Posted on 10/11/2017

I was nervous to order this but it arrived fresh, on time and with great communication from FoodyDirect!! I'm a loyal customer for life!!!

Posted on 10/04/2017

Love, Love, Love this bread! Highly recommended! Will purchase again. Great consistency and taste.

R. allan
Danville, KY
Posted on 09/22/2017

Very good products. Warm them up, dig in and let your body and mind enjoy the input.

Endicott, NY
Posted on 07/27/2017

Light, flaky and bread-like, unlike a traditional heavier Babka bread. The chunks of chocolate with the buttery crumb makes this a perfect breakfast treat. Even though the price for 3 is steep, they are so good, I freeze them after thickly slicing them, and eat them slowly by toasting the slice in the AM. Great way to start the day. 5 stars +++

Irmo, SC
Posted on 05/03/2017

Saw this when I was sitting in front of my computer hungry and made an impulse buy! So glad I did.....ate the 1st one by myself and loved every bite. The other 2 I brought to 2 separate parties and everyone raved over it. They were gone in minutes and at least 2 friends will be ordering more!.

Joyce a
Cambridge, MA
Posted on 04/22/2017

We agree - Breads' Babka is the absolute BEST babka anywhere. We like their chocolate babka the best - flaky, flavorful, and they use the richest dark chocolate.

Fayetteville, NC
Posted on 02/18/2017

The Best Chocolate Babka in America, baked in New York City.

Pompano Beach, FL
Posted on 02/16/2017

was very good

Posted on 01/20/2017

not only the best babka in NY , but the best I've ever had - and that includes in Hungary , home of babka ! I still have one (I got 3 as a gift), carefully hidden in the freezer for some big occasion - maybe when Trump is impeached ?

Canton, OH
Posted on 01/18/2017

Very good. Very chocolatey, messy to eat but very good.

Baltimore, MD
Posted on 01/15/2017

Absolutely amazing! The best ever. Light, not too sweet, totally authentic. Just like my Grandmother used to make. Plus, it keeps very well in freezer. As good after refrigeratoion as freshly baked. Slight reheating makes it even more heavenly.

David l
San Diego, CA
Posted on 01/12/2017

Even better than Excellent - simply marvelous!

Montebello, CA
Posted on 01/12/2017

I've never been a huge Babka fan...UNTIL NOW! These are DIVINE! Moist, flavorful, chocolatey, rich,....DELICIOUS! I had to wrestle one out of the hands of my family so I could freeze it for later enjoyment. I will be coming back for more goodies. To think I've been eating sub par Babka all these years.

Olivette, MO
Posted on 01/05/2017

The package came on the exact date it was promised and the babkas were fresh and absolutely delectable. Lovely to have the best of New York in ol' St. Louis!

Cleveland Heights, OH
Posted on 01/05/2017

Babka is my son's favorite. I thought some that was being called The Best Babka in New York, would be a fun treat for a holiday gift. The Babka was good. But pricey. And in the end, we decided it wasn't worth the money. Go get Babka at you local Trader Joes. Great Babka at a much better price!

Holland, PA
Posted on 12/30/2016

Everyone in my family agreed this was the most delicious, addictive babka they ever tasted

Batavia, IL
Posted on 12/29/2016

OMG was it amazing!!!!!!! Very fast shipping & when I called to set up the shipping the date the customer service could not have been nicer & even called me the next week to let me know it was ship out to me. We would order this again

East Brunswick, NJ
Posted on 12/18/2016

This order was sent to my mother. I shared my first order with her. Recently she asked about it, so I had an order shipped to her. She gave on loaf to a friend. They enjoyed it. My mother and sister loved it. I'll have to send it occasionally. It's a big hit!

San Jose, CA
Posted on 12/18/2016

It was delicious and arrived quickly. I brought it to a luncheon with friends who never heard of a Babka. I served it with vanilla ice cream on the side and everyone was so impressed with how good it tasted. A perfect dessert.

San Jose, CA
Posted on 12/18/2016

It was delicious and arrived quickly. I brought it to a luncheon with friends who never heard of a Babka. I served it with vanilla ice cream on the side and everyone was so impressed with how good it tasted. A perfect dessert.

Beachwood, OH
Posted on 10/19/2016

The Babkas arrived on the day specified and were packed securely so all that all three were in tact and fresh which was incredibly important as they were to be gifts!!! Well done!!!

holmdel, NJ
Posted on 10/07/2016

I've ordered their babkas in the past; excellent. This time, however, the 3-pk were dry. The outside overbaked, but the center moist. If one cuts the crust--top, sides, bottom, and eats only what remains, delicious.

Miami, FL
Posted on 09/15/2016

Best babka in NY is the best babka. Delivered on time.

East Brunswick, NJ
Posted on 08/19/2016

Delivery was received on time. The food was well packaged. It was excellent. It was moist and had just the right amount of chocolate. I sliced it and used the toaster. My kitchen smelled like chocolate. Another method I used was the microwave. I put it in for a few seconds and it worked very well. I froze the other loafs until I gave one away. It was enjoyed by the person that received it. I used it as a desert on one occasion. After taking it out of the toaster a tablespoon of ice cream was put on it. I will order this again. I know it will go great in the winter with a hot cup off coffee. It will be great for replacing the morning pastry.

Tallahassee, FL
Posted on 08/08/2016

Friend tried to recreate and failed. Big hit with all.

L x
Posted on 08/03/2016


Glen Ridge, NJ
Posted on 06/17/2016

Best use of Nutella ever.

Posted on 06/15/2016

It was Ok, but I have had better. I was also disappointed how small they were .

Shipping Days
Storage & Care:

The babkas are pulled from the bakery's ovens at 4 or 5pm the day they are shipped, so they are incredibly fresh when they arrive at your door the next day. Enjoy your babkas within 24 hours of arrival, or freeze immediately for up to 60 days. If frozen, thaw at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours - they will still taste delicious and fresh.

Allergy Alert:

Contains Nutella (Hazelnut Spread)