Calvisius Caviar Tasting (4 x 1 oz)

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Calvisius Caviar is sustainably farmed in the Lombardy region of Italy. Impress 8 to 10 guests with this 4-ounce tasting of the most elegant caviar in the world.

The Calvisius Caviar Tasting includes:

  • 1 oz tin of Siberian Caviar: an Adriatic Siberian sturgeon variety, with roe slightly smaller in size than the white sturgeon and Oscietra. It imparts a gorgeous round flavor that lingers on the palate. A newer addition to the caviar family and a recent Italian discovery, it’s best served simply and elegantly with dollop of crème fraîche.

  • 1 oz tin of Royal Oscietra: boasts color ranging from dark-brown to grey and light amber, a medium-large size, and a creamy flavor profile that caviar connoisseurs greatly appreciate.

  • 1 oz tin of Classic Oscietra: a Russian sturgeon caviar, seduces with intense aroma and the kind of luxuriously rich, smooth and nutty full flavor that the finest caviar is known for. An exquisite roe, it ranges from medium to small size. Caviar experts particularly love the translucent color, which can vary from dark-grey to brown.

  • 1 oz tin of White Sturgeon: originates from California sturgeon, is deliciously creamy, smooth and succulent. The silver-gray roe is medium-large in size and exhibits an intense aroma, firm texture, and slightly nutty flavor.

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Storage & Care:

Upon receipt, caviar should be stored in the coolest part of your refrigerator until served. Placing it on a sealed bag of ice or ice pack will help keep the roe extra fresh. Unopened, the caviar will last for up to 4 weeks. To maintain the quality of your experience, caviar should be consumed upon opening. However, it will last under refrigeration for 2 to 3 days after opening.

Serving Suggestions:

Caviar is an exceptional experience on its own and can easily be enjoyed with no accouterments other than a spoon. However, you can also enjoy this exceptional roe with a mild base, such as blini (small pancake, often made with buckwheat), crème fraîche, diced onion, diced hard-boiled egg, and capers. Potato chips with a dollop of crème fraîche and caviar is another heavenly endeavor.