Carousel Cakes
Nanuet, NY
Luxury Cakes & Cupcakes for 50+ Years

Red, White and Oooh – Red Velvet Cake is rich, gorgeous and fun—everything you’d want in a dessert (or a man for that matter)


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Founded in 1965, Nanuet, New York’s famous family-owned bakery makes such superb, luxurious desserts, they have received star status on Oprah’s “O List” and “The View” and are featured in some of Manhattan’s most renowned food meccas. While best known for their layer cakes (like Oprahs’ faves, red velvet and blue velvet), they’ve redefined carrot cake with layers, spices, and irresistible additions of raisins and coconut. Even cupcakes take on legendary status here, thanks to five decades of expert baking skills, the use of nothing but first-class ingredients, and the extra effort of mixing everything by hand and with love.

About The Cakes

Carousel Cake’s recipe for success may be straightforward, but it’s also nearly impossible to duplicate: First-class ingredients, five decades of expert baking skills, and the extra effort of mixing everything by hand and with love goes into every cake and cupcake. The results are everything great cakes should be—fluffy, moist, abounding with honest, pure flavor, and iced to perfection. From their chocolate mousse cake, red and blue velvet cakes (Oprah’s faves), lusciously layered carrot cake, and decadent chocolate cakes and cupcakes, every dessert coming out of Carousel’s kitchen is a tasty example of why they’re repeatedly celebrated in magazines and on TV shows and deserving of a prime place on your dessert table.

Carousel Cakes is a Kosher-certified bakery and is under strict National Rabbinical supervision. All cakes, pies and cupcakes from Carousel Cakes are Kosher.

Meet The Owners

A family-owned bakery with over 50 years of experience, Carousel Cakes was founded by Martin Lefkowitz, who was raised in a foster home. Inspired by his insatiable sweet tooth, Martin began immersing himself in the baking world by the age of 16, working in New York hotel bakeries until he became an expert at baking cakes, cookies, and pies. When Martin founded his business, he focused on giving back—both by creating the best baked goods with the highest standards and ingredients and by supporting local organizations. Today Carousel is owned and operated by the next generation, including Martin’s son Howard and daughter Nancy and their families. They donate to a portion of sales to the American Heart Association and Breast Cancer Research Foundation and also contribute to the local community through bake sales, sponsorships, donations, and fundraisers.


Red, White and Oooh – Red Velvet Cake is rich, gorgeous and fun—everything you’d want in a dessert (or a man for that matter)


O Magazine

We can’t keep our mitts off the creamy tiramisu cake. — Every Day with Rachael Ray

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Storage & Care

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