Best-Seller Cupcakes Dozen Pack

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All of Carousel Cakes most popular flavors in one package, from classics like Red Velvet to their signature contemporary creations, like Oreo and Brownie.

Package includes the following Cupcakes:

  • 2 Carrot - with raisins, pineapple, and coconut topped with cream cheese frosting
  • 2 Hostess – chocolate cupcake with a surprise cream filling and signature icing design
  • 2 Oreo – chocolate and cream, a favorite childhood cookie in cupcake form
  • 2 White with Pastel Buttercream – fluffy, white cake with buttercream frosting
  • 2 Red Velvet – mild chocolate flavor with a rich red color
  • 2 Brownie – chocolate with brownie pieces on top

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4 reviews

Posted on 05/19/2018

The cupcakes arrives in an upside down mode,, so the frosting was over everything, but what we tasted was very good, although too sweet for my taste

Posted on 10/22/2017

Easily The best cupcakes I've ever had! All the different flavors were great and everyone I shared with said the same. And they last longer than normal cupcakes. I want more!

Binghamton, NY
Posted on 12/08/2016

Well - I have had these cupcakes before and decided to have some more as a treat to myself. As before, I just loved them. No one else got any. I was very selfish with them because they are so good and I wanted all of them. I have one left. It didn't take long for me to eat almost all of them by myself with a smile on my face and satisfaction in my tummy. I will definitely order them again. Thanks for offering such a delightful product. Keep it up and how about some other flavors, etc.

Binghamton, NY
Posted on 08/04/2016

Well - the cupcakes I received were some of the best I have ever eaten. I enjoyed the chocolate ones best, but all were excellent. However, whoever the delivery co. was, they left the package of cupcakes on the wet front porch instead of placing it on the little table next to the door. The cupcake wrappings were very well done, but the outside box was soaked through. perhaps the delivery company should be told to try to leave the package on something or on a dry area when it has rained. I will try another delivery and see how that is done this time. Thanks for such a great cupcake selection.

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Storage & Care:

All products from Carousel Cakes should be refrigerated upon arrival. Enjoy within one week after arrival, or store in your freezer for up 3 months. For maximum enjoyment, remove from your refrigerator a few hours before serving (a little longer if frozen).


All cakes and pies from Carousel Cakes are Kosher. Carousel Cakes is under strict National Rabbinical supervision.