Fresh Cherries, 5-lb. Pleasure Pack

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These plump, sweet, crunchy cherries are personally selected by Deborah Olson at their peak ripeness, then carefully packed individually and stacked like a box of chocolates. Enjoy five pounds of Olson’s cherries at their optimum freshness and height of deliciousness. It’s like having a country-road fruit stand delivered to your doorstep.

Ships Monday through Thursday. Fresh Cherries ship overnight only. Orders placed before Noon (ET) can ship as early as that day.

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Shipping Days
Storage & Care:

<br> Store unwashed cherries in a sealed container in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Remove any cherries that are bruised or showing decay, as they will affect other cherries. Cherries should keep for up to a week if stored properly. Wash when ready to enjoy!

<br> Freezing <br> You can freeze cherries with or without the pits. Remove the stems. Wash and pat dry. Freeze on a cookie sheet (make sure they do not touch each other.) After frozen, place in a freezer bag. May be stored frozen up to 10 months. Enjoy frozen or partially thawed. Defrosted cherries can be refrigerated for 3-4 days. Refreezing is not recommended. Before cooking or baking, do not defrost cherries. Keeping them frozen will allow you to retain all the sweet juice.