Quick Fix Almond Toffee

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As seen on Good Morning America/WABC Tory Johnson's steals. Mega bag of "Quick Fix".

Connecticut Cookie Company's Almond Toffee "Quick Fix Brittle"® is made with Belgian dark chocolate, sea salt and graham crackers. This tastes even better frozen.

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1 review

Brooklyn, NY
Posted on 11/16/2017

Connecticut Cookie Company Quick Fix Almond Toffee are delicious, especially since I love toffee and almonds. The combination of both of them together really compliment each other. The texture of the crunch of the cookies are prefect. I had other cookies with both toffee and almonds but they was hard and the toffee would stick to your teeth but Connecticut Cookie Company Quick Fix Almond Toffee doesn't and that a plus especially as you get older and still love to snack on a cookie with a crunch.