Edible Cookie Dough Custom 4-Pack

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All-natural and freshly made (without GMO's), Edoughbles ready-to-eat artisan cookie dough is sinfully rich, creamy, and downright decadent. Classic cookie flavors get a modern makeover and feature premium ingredients like Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate, hormone-free butter and Nielsen-Massey vanilla bean paste.

Perfect for eating with a spoon or add to brownie batter, stir into ice cream or whip up in a milkshake!

Choose 4 of the following flavors:

  • Chocolate Chip Off The Ol Block
  • Lady in Red Velvet Chip
  • Birthday Bash
  • S'more Please
  • Cookies N' Dream
  • Peanut Butta Cup
  • Snicker-Dude
  • Candy Crush

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1 review

New York, NY
Posted on 04/14/2018

Purchased the Edible Cookie Dough for our daughter who LOVES cookie dough. She says the chocolate chip so far is her favorite. Arrived as scheduled and was such a surprise to her. Can be refrigerated or put in the freezer so the four pack will be enjoyed slowly.

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Serving Suggestions:

Grab a sppon and eat Edouble straight from the cups, or add to fro-yo, ice cream or milkshakes. Get creative and sprinkle some into brownie batter, or sandwich between two cookies or muffin halves.

Do not bake! Why ruin perfectly amazing cookie dough? Edoughble's recipes extract the unhealthy and dangerous raw egg which in normal cookie dough acts as the rising agent, or leavener. So leave the oven off, save on your utility bill, and eat cookie dough unbaked, the way the dessert gods intended.

Allergy Alert: MAY CONTAIN NUTS!

Most of Edoughbles flavors are nut-free but are produced on shared equipment that also processes peanuts and tree nuts which may cause allergic reactions. Although Edoughbles does their best to keep nut products separate and thoroughly washes shared equipment after contact with nuts, we cannot exclude the possibility of cross contamination. We recommend that people with severe nut allergies do not consume products from Edoughle. Edoughble and FoodyDirect will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to cookie dough consumed or for items that it may have come in contact with during the course of preparation or transit.

Dietary Info:

Contains NO Eggs, Raw Flour, Preservatives or GMO's. <br> Certified Kosher by KosherLA.