Chocolate Cheesecake

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A spinoff from owner Eileen’s original New York cheesecake recipe, this decadent chocolate rendition is baked to order and shipped overnight to ensure you enjoy every last light, fluffy, and superbly flavored bite.

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5 reviews

Elizabeth d
North East, MD
Posted on 05/05/2017


Conroe, TX
Posted on 04/19/2017

Very little chocolate flavor and did not have the consistency of cheesecake.

Frederick, MD
Posted on 02/08/2017

Wow, Wow, Wow- best cheese cake I have ever had. Light mouse chocolate/ cheese. Excellent job team Eileen.

Posted on 01/17/2017

I first discovered Eileen's wonderful cheesecake when I worked near her shop. This is the most delicious, most fabulous cheesecake in the world. I promise you that you cannot go wrong trying any of the many flavors Eileen offers. When I left my job in downtown Manhattan I travelled by subway to pick up these awesome treats. They are a must at family parties and I give them as gifts to friends. I was thrilled to discover that Foody Direct offers Eileen's Special Cheesecakes. No more having to lug heavy shopping bags up and down the subway steps! And so convenient to have the cheesecake delivered to friends! The service is quick, reasonably priced and the cheesecake arrives in perfect condition. You can even order two cheesecakes to the same address for one shipping fee as two cakes fit into the same box. If you are ever in downtown Manhattan do yourself a favor and visit Eileen's shop and sample all the goodies (and probably meet Eileen herself - a very lovely lady!).

Posted on 06/16/2016

Eileen's cheesecake is out-of-this-world awesome. I discovered it some years ago when I worked in the neighborhood near her shop. Now that I no longer work there it is not easy to get there in person. FoodyDirect makes it easy to get my favorite dessert. The shipping charge is reasonable, the service is quick, delivery is fast and the cheesecake arrives in perfect condition.

Shipping Days
Order Cut-Off Time:

All orders ship Mon thru Fri via overnight service. The cutoff time for same-day shipment of orders is 5:00 PM (ET).

Storage & Care:

Refrigeration Instructions: Please unwrap all plastic and foam upon receipt and store in a refrigerator. Refrigerated cakes can be enjoyed for 7-10 days. <br> Freezing Instructions: After removing the gel ice pack from the box, do not unwrap the cake from its packaging if you choose to freeze it upon receipt- simply put the cake directly into your freezer. After enjoying, if you would like to re-freeze any leftovers, wrap the remaining cake in plastic. Cakes can be frozen for up to 3 months. The gel ice pack provided is reusable. <br>

Slicing Instructions:

Using a hot, wet knife- slice the cake and pull the knife from the bottom of the cake, do not lift. Clean the knife of any residue, making sure to repeat this step between every slice. OR Using unflavored dental floss, pull a piece longer than the cake and wrap around your fingertips. Pull it straight down on both sides of the cheese cake and gently pull out from the bottom, unwrapping one end from your fingertips. Run the floss between your fingertips to remove any crumb pieces and repeat.

Dietary Restrictions:

All Cheesecakes from Eileen's are Tablet-K Certified Kosher Click here to view their certification.