Cheesecake & Cannoli Combo Pack

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This package includes Ferrara’s two most famous items—–their classic NY Cheesecake and their incredible cannolis.

New York Cheescake (8”): a dreamy, creamy combo of cream cheese, sour cream and natural flavors, Ferrara’s New York Cheesecake is lush and velvety with a subtle hint of tartness that cheesecake lovers expect.

Large Cannolis: 6 large hand-rolled cannoli shells and a 14 oz disposable pastry bag filled with exquisitely rich, thick cannoli cream made of ricotta cheese, miniature chocolate chips and finely diced candied fruit. You can easily fill the delightfully crisp shells with the cream when you’re ready to serve and enjoy your cannolis.

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1 review

Orange Beach, AL
Posted on 07/06/2017

love these cannolis

Storage & Care:

The cannoli cream should be stored in your freezer until 2 to 3 hours before use. The cream can also be refrozen.


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