Flannery Beef
San Rafael, CA
Wine Critic Robert Parkers Favorite Beef

America's 1st-ever 100-point Butcher


Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

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This family owned meat market is renowned among culinary connoisseurs as one of the country’s very top sources for beef. Featuring only the finest cuts of prime dry aged beef, it’s the source that true meat lovers, including famed wine critic and avowed foodie Robert Parker, turn to for the ultimate, perfectly marbled steak.

About The Food

With a lifelong education in the art of beef selection and butchery from his father, one of the nation’s most revered beef purveyors, Bryan Flannery, Jr. has established himself as the top source for all things beef, from porterhouses to filet mignon to the “Jorge” ribsteak—his unique cut for the ultimate beef lover known for its great beefy flavor. If you want to elevate your steak experience to a whole new level, just order Flannery Beef.

Meet The Owner

San Francisco native Bryan Flannery, Jr., learned the meat business from his father, Bryan Sr., who founded beloved Bryans Quality Meats in San Francisco in 1963. He watched his father—known as “the best in the west”—inspect and select cattle based on sight, touch, and feel before it was graded, only to learn that almost all his choices were deemed prime. While it’s no longer possible to select cattle, Bryan, Jr., who along with working with his dad managed a meat company and 80 butchers, emulates his father’s work ethic, working tirelessly to ensure he sources, cuts, and dry ages the finest quality beef products available anywhere. Food critics and bloggers agree he’s doing exactly that.


America's 1st-ever 100-point Butcher


Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

The California Reserve steaks I've gotten from Bryan Flannery have had nearly the same degree of marbling as Japan's ultimate A5 Wagyu beef, and a far greater flavor. Flannery's beef is tastier because the cows' diet is more complex and wholesome. Mr. Flannery brings a couple of generations' worth of expertise to the job. His farmers deserve our support.


Wall Street Journal Taste-Off, September 2014

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Packaging & Delivery

All food from Flannery Beef is shipped to arrive in 2 days or less, even though it is packed in extra thick recyclable foam containers with sufficient coolant to assure it remains cold for up to 3 days.

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Storage & Care

Steaks and Burgers from Flannery Beef can be kept refrigerated in their sealed packaging for 3 to 4 days after arrival. All the steaks, except the filets, are dry-aged and can be frozen in their sealed packaging for up to 6 months with no loss of quality, texture, or taste. Defrost frozen steaks overnight in the refrigerator.