Flannery's FoodyDirect Burger Blend - 4 lbs

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This special custom burger blend is made up of the following 4 delectable cuts of beef:

25% Wagyu Chuck: Also known as "American Kobe", this is an especially rich cut that is virtually impossible to find outside of fine restaurants. Flannery's butcher is comfortable with a higher fat content when using the Wagyu Chuck as a basis, because of the Omega oils present in the fat of Wagyu.

25% Prime Shortribs: With these beauties, the fat content will be in the 20% range with the flavor approximating that of the prime rib eye steak. The amount of age on these is minimal, perhaps in the 10 to 14 day range, so moisture is moderate.

25% Choice Filet Tails: This cut flies in the face of all conventional wisdom. Normally the filet is one of the least flavorful cuts of beef (even though it's the most tender steak of all). This particular cut is produced from the narrow end of the filet when it has tapered to the point when it's not large enough to cut into steaks.

25% Dry Aged Steak Ends: When Flannery dry ages its Ribeyes and NY steaks, the exterior edges are exposed to the air for a full 30+ days. During this time the moisture evaporation from these edges is far more accelerated than the whole piece that they're part of, resulting in a much lower moisture content and a very high intensify of flavor. The edges are cut to the thickness of about a half an inch, which removes all trace of darkness from the underlying meat. The resulting "steak ends" have the flavor equivalent of Flannery's top-of-the-line Private Reserve steaks.

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3 reviews

Alpharetta, GA
Posted on 03/30/2018

Great stuff!!!!!

Charlotte Court House, VA
Posted on 01/08/2017

Fabulous flavor in a burger blend. Tastes good even if the burger is overcooked! Packaged arrived on time with individual 1 lb packages of burger deliciousness. Took me a few tries to get them cooked correctly as I am used to cooking grass-fed burger which has less fat. Once I got the technique down (hot to start, then cooler slow finish), they were terrific.

Toano, VA
Posted on 07/26/2016

This burger blend is delicious! All I add is salt and pepper and the burgers come off the grill super flavorful.

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All orders ship Mon thru Thurs via 2 Day service. The cutoff time for same-day shipment of your order is 9:00 AM (ET).

Storage & Care:

Steaks and Burgers from Flannery Beef can be kept refrigerated in their sealed packaging for 3 to 4 days after arrival. All the steaks, except the filets, are dry-aged and can be frozen in their sealed packaging for up to 6 months with no loss of quality, texture, or taste. Defrost frozen steaks overnight in the refrigerator


Keep your burger blend refrigerated and in it’s sealed packaging until you’re ready to cook it. Divide each one-pound bag of Flannery’s special burger blend into 3 portions (2 if you prefer bigger burgers). When forming your patties, use your thumbs to depress the center of the patty so that the outside circumference of the burger is thicker than the center (your burger will cook evenly this way). Season your burgers liberally with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, and grill to your desired temperature. Enjoy!