The Frog Hollow Conserve Collection

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Fill your pantry with the warm flavor of summer-ripe fruit in Frog Hollow's fruit conserves. Included in this set is their all-time favorite Apricot Conserve, bursting with the genuine flavor of our tree-ripened apricots, our famous Peach Conserve, and delicious Nectarine, Plum-Blueberry, and Nectarine-Plum conserves. Plus you get to try their tart Meyer Lemon Marmalade! Low in added sugar, and as always, made with Frog Hollow's own organically-grown fruits.

The Conserve Collection features:

  • Apricot conserve (8oz)
  • Nectarine conserve (8oz)
  • Plum-blueberry conserve (8oz)
  • Nectarine-plum conserve (8oz)
  • Meyer-lemon marmalade (8oz)
  • Peach conserve (8oz)
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Storage & Care:

Frog Hollow does not put expiration or use by dates on their products. Store all bags, tins, and unopened jars in a cool, dry place for maximum shelf life. Once opened, all conserves, chutneys, marmalades, or fruit sauces must be refrigerated.