Giant Alaskan King Crab Legs

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Freshly harvested from Alaska's icy Dutch Harbor, these legs come loaded with succulent, sweet red crabmeat. Each Giant Red King Crab leg weighs from ½-pound to just under ¾-pound and is delivered cleaned, pre-cooked, and frozen at the height of freshness. Enjoy with a bit of melted butter or add the sweet, fresh meat to your favorite crab dish.

The 5-LB Giant Red King Crab Legs pack serves 2 to 4 and typically includes 6 legs and 1 claw

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1 review

Smyrna, DE
Posted on 01/07/2017

They are huge but tender, sweet and succulent. They were frozen solid so no worries there either! Beyond excellent!

Storage & Care:

Properly stored Alaska crab can be kept in your freezer from 6 months to a year! When completely thawed, it can be stored in your refrigerator 1-2 days.


<br> Prior to cooking, rinse crab under cold water to remove salt water brine coated on legs that is used to preserve freshness. <br> BOIL: Take a large pot of water and add 1/2 cup sugar. Bring to a boil. Place frozen legs and claws in pot, submerging all legs. Reduce heat to lowest setting. Cover pot, do NOT boil. Crab is ready to serve in 20 minutes. (TIP: break legs into smaller sections if pot is not large enough to hold full leg. <br> STEAM: If you do not have a large pot, place crab legs or claws on baking sheet or casserole dish and add at least one inch of water. Cover tight with foil. Put in a pre-heated oven at 325 degrees for 30 minutes. <br> GRILL: Place thawed crab on rack about 5 inches above hot coals. Cook about 5 minutes.