Hill Country Barbecue Market
New York, NY
Authentic Texas Barbecue Made in NYC

New York City’s 20 Most Iconic Meat Dishes



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In 2007, in the heart of the “Flatiron District”, Hill Country Barbecue Market debuted on the New York restaurant scene with two floors, two smokers, three bars, 250 seats, and a stage built for playing Texas-style blues. Seven days a week for lunch and dinner, hungry BBQ lovers grab a tray and pony up to a massive counter serving brisket, ribs, pulled pork, Texas sausage, corn pudding, sweet potato bourbon mash and many more mouth-watering specialties. One taste of their authentic Texas BBQ and you’ll see why the New York Times calls the restaurant “A state-of-the-art Manhattan homage to the preindustrial craft of Texas barbecue.” With a mission to “share our passion for authentic food, music and hospitality inspired by the Hill Country of Texas”—the region that encompasses Central Texas’ barbecue belt—Hill Country delivers on its promise, big time.

About the Barbecue

Barbecue is truly a labor of love, and great barbecue doesn’t require a long list of ingredients. Hill Country starts with the highest quality meat, covered with their simple dry rub. You can’t have authentic Texas BBQ without Texas smoke, so they ship real post oak directly from Texas. Using low and slow cooking techniques and a heaping portion of TLC from Executive Chef Ash Fulk and his team of expert pit masters, Hill Country Barbecue Market cooks their brisket just like it’s been done in Texas for generations. After being smoked for hours on a giant rotisserie (which runs on an almost 24-hour loop!), this mouth-watering brisket is sure to give you a special BBQ experience not easily forgotten. Says Pete Wells of the NY Times, “The moist brisket carries a peppery, crunchy top layer and shows Hill Country’s rotisserie barbecue pits at their finest.” We couldn’t have said it better.

Meet the Owner

Founder Marc Glosserman’s Texas roots date back four generations. His grandfather was the mayor of Lockhart (the “BBQ Capital of Texas”), and he is descended from a long line of Texas women with exceptional southern cooking skills. As a child, Marc looked forward to his Texas visits where he enjoyed eating at the legendary Kreuz Market, drinking Big Red Soda, and cooling off with Blue Bell Ice Cream. Marc is excited to share his passion for authentic Texas barbecue with you.


New York City’s 20 Most Iconic Meat Dishes



The brisket at Hill Country Barbecue Market: Hill Country serves a faithful facsimile of Texas-style smoked brisket, with zero New York spin on it. It is, however, an important dish from New York because it became the gold standard for brisket in this city. Hill Country’s moist brisket has a lot of competition, but it’s still one of the finest specimens in the five boroughs.



Top Barbecue Joint in Washington, D.C. 2017


The Washington Post

Before handing the title to Hill Country, I wanted to be certain about the place. So I visited the smokehouse three times. The third meal was better than the first, proof to me that Farber and his crew are firmly committed to their new approach with the smokers. The brisket finally fulfills the implied promise of Hill Country’s Central Texas theme.


Tom Sietsema, The Washington Post

The moist brisket, along with beef and pork ribs that carry a similarly peppery, crunchy top layer, show Hill Country’s rotisserie barbecue pits at their finest. The restaurant is a state-of-the-art Manhattan homage to the preindustrial craft of Texas barbecue.


NY Times (Pete Wells)

Whenever I eat at this restaurant on West 26th St, I head for the meat counter and ask for a pound of moist brisket. If a pound strikes you as too much, then you haven’t had Hill Country’s moist brisket.


NY Times (Pete Wells)

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Thank you for gettin' a Hiill Country Brisket! Just follow the instructions below and you are on your way to smoky brisket bliss!

Heating Instructions:
1) Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees 2) Wrap brisket in foil, fat side up 3) Place brisket on a sheet pan (fat side up) and place on the center rack of your oven 4) Crack a beer; let brisket sit in the oven for about an hour and twenty or 'till the internal temp reaches 165.

Slice & enjoy!

Thanks, Pitmaster Ash Fulk

PS - We threw in a few Texas chewies...nothing better to finish off your meal!