Whole Barbecue Brisket

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Hill Country Barbecue Market’s distinctive Texas-style barbecue (dry-rubbed and smoked low and slow with real Texas post oak) yields incredibly juicy and tender briskets with a signature pink ring lining the “crust (aka “bark”). These 4 1/2-pound briskets are fully cooked and then frozen before shipping. Heat and slice according to the enclosed prep instructions for a Texas barbecue feast you'll never forget.

Serves 8 to 10 hungry barbecue lovers!

Note from the Pit Master - Smoking with wood results in a “smoke ring,” which is a light pink or rosy ring just under the bark. It is the hallmark of properly cooked barbecue. The pink color is an indication that the meat has been smoked low and slow, and NOT that the meat is undercooked or raw.

Ships Tuesday through Thursday via 2-Day or Faster
Order by Tuesday at 7pm (ET) for delivery by Friday

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