Live Lobsters for Twelve

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Homarus sources their hearty, hard-shelled lobsters from pristine 500-foot waters 20 miles off the Maine coast. The rough, rocky ocean floor these lobsters call home is great for their health, which means great taste for us. These chilled-out and well-fed lobsters fill out their shells nicely as they grow, which hardens their outsides even more, resulting in nature's recipe for the perfect lobster. It’s no wonder Nobu and Grammercy Tavern buy their lobsters from Homarus—lobster doesn’t get any better than this.

Select from 4 sizes—“Quarters” (1¼ lbs), “Halves” (1½ lbs), “Pound & 3/4" (1¾ lbs) or “Deuces” (2 lbs).

"Quarters" (1¼ lbs) weigh approximately 1.25-1.35 lbs each. A small but substantial lobster, the Quarter totes the line between an appetizer, a light meal, or a surf and turf partner. Enjoy it on its own with drawn butter, or cook it and use the tender meat to make a lobster roll or tasty pasta dish.

"Halves" (1½ lbs) weigh approximately 1.5-1.65 lbs each. The pound and a half lobster is the most versatile. Share it with someone as a juicy appetizer (hot or cold), or enjoy as your main course with drawn butter and fresh lemon. You can prepare this lobster boiled, steamed, or grilled.

"Pound & 3/4" (1¾ lbs) weigh approximately 1.75-1.9 lbs each. The 1.75 pounder is a favorite among top chefs. Perfect as an appetizer for two (hot or cold) or a hearty entrée for one, steamed or grilled, and enjoyed with drawn butter and fresh lemon.

"Deuces" (2 lbs) weigh approximately 2.0-2.15 lbs each. The Homarus special two pounder is found in deep dark cold water way off the coast of Maine. These beautiful lobsters are full of meat and can be eaten whole, or you can channel your inner chef and use the lobster parts for different applications. The two-pounder is the go-to lobster for Homarus co-founder Jordan.

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1 review

Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Posted on 10/20/2016

Arrived ALIVE and on time, some of the best lobsters we have had shipped! We will be ordering again.

Shipping Days
Order Cut-Off Time:

Orders placed by 10:00 AM (ET) Monday through Friday can ship as early as that day

Storage & Care:

Homarus lobsters are shipped overnight by UPS with all the necessary protections to ensure they arrive healthy and delicious. If for some reason the lobsters do not arrive in the right condition, let us know immediately and Homarus will reship to you free of charge.

Immediately upon arrival, remove your lobsters from the cooler and place them in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Do not put lobsters in a plastic bag or sealed container, and avoid putting your lobsters in water or covering with ice.<br>

Live Maine lobsters are green, dark brown, or blue. They'll turn red when you cook them.<br>

For maximum enjoyment, cook your lobsters within 24 hours of arrival.


It is recommended to enjoy your fresh, live lobsters the day of delivery. If you can't enjoy your lobsters the day they arrive, keep them as cold as possible in your refrigerator, unsealed, for up to 24 hours. Another suggested method is to cook them for 1/3 of the recommended cooking time. Remove from the pot or grill and let them cool off. Then place them in a sealed plastic bag, face-up, and refrigerate for up to 2 days. When you're ready to enjoy them, cook them for the remaining 2/3 of the recommended cooking time.<br>


Recommended Cook Times for Boiling Lobster<br> 1 1/4 pounds - 9-10 minutes<br> 1 1/2 pounds - 11-12 minutes<br> 1 3/4 pounds - 12-13 minutes<br> 2 pounds - 15 minutes

Allergy Alert:

Anyone with a shellfish allergy should not touch or consume lobster.