Levis Hot Dogs
Philadelphia, PA
Philly’s Famous Kosher-Style Hot Dogs
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The hot dog is so intricately linked to Philadelphia, some say it was invented here. And those that do, believe the inventor was Abe Levis and Anna Solo Levis, who opened a little sandwich shop on Philly’s South Street in 1895 and began offering sausages on a bun. For nearly 100 years, Levis Hot Dogs, ultimately located on Sixth Street, was synonymous with great Philly dogs and their equally famous cherry-apple “Champ Cherry” soda. Much to the dismay of Philadelphians, Levis closed in 1992, but twenty years later, it was resurrected by Amazing Apple Juice owner Elliot Hirsh who today ensures Levis delivers a true test of Philly with plump, juicy, oversize dogs made from top-quality ingredients.

About levis
About The Food

Levis is not your average hot dog. The stuff of sausage-lovers’ dreams, this dog is a hefty one-fifth-of-a-pound, all-beef, kosher-style (no beef trimmings), and bursting with flavor. Made from quality cuts of beef with no fillers or dairy (sometimes used as a stabilizer) and much less salt and fat, it’s a purist’s experience that’s not easily forgotten but is now, luckily, easy to repeat.

Meet The Owner

Founded by Abe Levis and his wife Anna in 1895, Levis is owned and operated by Philly businessman Elliott Hirsh (best known for Elliott’s Amazing Apple Juice), who purchased the business in 1990 and resurrected the legendary restaurant with bigger, better-quality dogs at a new location in Abington, PA in 2012. Elliott’s dedication to quality ensures Levis will continue to be known as the top dog in Philadelphia.

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