Dairy Free Ice Cream

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Lick believes everyone should be able to enjoy ice cream no matter their dietary requirements! Lick aims to make sure all of their customers can enjoy their frozen treats. This pack provides dairy-free flavor options, including some that are also vegan!

This dairy free 6-pint pack includes 2 pints each of the following flavors:

  • Coconut Caramel Cream
  • Vegan Chocolate Chocolate
  • Vegan Vanilla

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1 review

hollis, NY
Posted on 04/27/2018

Delicious!! Was good to my stomach, as I'm lactose intolerant.

Storage & Care:

Consume by sell-by date.

Serving Suggestions:

**PERFECTING THE SCOOP: Rather than eating directly from the pint, we suggest scooping into a bowl or cone, reducing the amount of time the pint is left to thaw. If you do choose to eat from the pint (we know you want to!), make it quick! Refreezing melted ice cream results in a less than perfect texture...