BBQ Sauce Custom 3-Pack

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A mouthwatering selection of sauces from the 2016 Winner - Memphis in May BBQ Championships!

From Carolina to Smoky, each of the Lillie’s Q sauces is made from a unique blend of all natural ingredients and pays homage to a specific Southern region. So whether you’re in the mood for a bite of South Carolina pepper, a sweet and tangy Alabama original with a pinch of Cajun spice, a touch of Memphis sweet brown sugar or the bold and spicy cayenne of North Carolina, Lillie’s Q has a sauce to fit every mood, and every dish this side of the Mason Dixon.

Choose any three of Lillie’s six mouthwatering sauces to create your custom combination:

  • SMOKY: Hints of brown sugar and a dash of smoke make SMOKY the perfect compliment for your slow-cooked ribs.
  • HOT SMOKY: Sweet heat characterizes this Memphis-style fire starter, making HOT SMOKY the perfect companion to your slow-cooked ribs.
  • CAROLINA: Apple and lime juices are just two of Grandma Lillie’s secret ingredients that give this Western Carolina tomato and vinegar sauce its time-honored tangy character.
  • CAROLINA GOLD: A mustard base gives this tangy South Carolina sauce its golden hue, and a hint of pepper makes it the perfect match for pork and chicken.
  • ENC (Eastern North Carolina): This Carolina-inspired vinegar sauce brings the heat with a blend of cayenne, red and black pepper, while hints of brown sugar and apple cider make it just sweet enough for your favorite pulled pork.
  • IVORY: this bright-white sauce is a sweet and tangy Alabama original! A pinch of Cajun spice makes IVORY just right for everything from chicken to homemade coleslaw.
  • BOURBON BARREL SMOKY (+$7.50): Hand-crafted and aged for six long months in a Kentucky bourbon barrel, it has just the right hints of brown sugar and smoke to give it a subtle handcrafted, small batch warmth.

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2 reviews

Alpharetta, GA
Posted on 10/14/2018

Their sauces are outstanding. I LOVE the Bourbon Barrel Smoky the best, but they are all good. Highly recommend!

Harriman, NY
Posted on 06/30/2017

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