Gluten-Free Cup of Cake

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No grain, no pain! This Gluten-Free Belgian Chocolate cake in a cup is quick to prepare and sinfully delicious. It includes all the ingredients you need to create your very own delicious, all natural Belgian chocolate soufflé cake - in just minutes. Simple to prepare and sinfully delicious (and you get to keep the Belgian-style coffee mug).

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Storage & Care:

Step 1: Fill paper cup (included) with water and pour into My Cup of Cake'" cup. For "Dinner Party", add one and a half cups of water Add contents of oil packet into cup. Step 2: Add packet of dry souffle mix to cup. Step 3: Stir very well until the entire mixture (dry ingredients) are fully incorporated. For Salted Caramel, unwrap the caramels and add 2 Salted Caramel pieces after mixture is fully incorporated. Step 4: Place in microwave (not directly center but off to the side) on paper towel (in cas'e of overflow) for 2 minutes and 20 seconds. (see microwave chart opposite side). Be sure to watch My Cup of Cake rise in the microwave. The souffle should rise approx ¼" over the top but if it starts to go over the edge at approx 1 minute, open the microwave door to deflate and if not fully baked, cook at 15 second intervals until done. Step 5: CUP IS VERY HOT. Use oven mitt to remove. DO NOT OVER COOK! Step 6: Garnish with your favorite topping, ice cream, powdered sugar, or whipped cream. <br> Easily bake My Cup of Cake in the oven at 350° for 25-30 minutes right in the cup for more of a souffle like appearance. <br> If you want to save some for the next day, then place covered tightly with saran wrap in refrigerator. Let stand until room temperature and just microwave for 20 seconds.

Dietary Restrictions: