Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Custom 4-Pack

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Not your average deep-dish Chicago pizza, each My Pi pizza is much larger than what the competitors typically ship (12 inches and feeds 3), and My Pi makes every pizza to order (rather than pulling pre-made pizzas from a freezer case). The result is an exceptional deep-dish pie made with their signature sauce (made from vine-ripened San Marzano California tomatoes and a special blend of herbs and spices, giving it a bright tomato taste and a touch of sweetness), artisan cheese from Central Wisconsin dairies, and a huge variety of delicious toppings—all baked into their famous crispy, triple-proofed crust.

With this very flexible variety pack, you get to pick four 12-inch deep-dish pizzas of your choice from the drop-down menu. There’s plenty to choose from and—trust us—you really can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

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*Please note that the flat rates above will be applied per shipping box. Up to 4 pizzas can be combined into a single box. You will be presented with the actual shipping rate before making your final purchase.

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Packaging & Delivery

All food from My Pi is shipped in extra thick recyclable foam containers with dry ice to assure it arrives in excellent condition within the max allowable transit time of 3 days.

All orders are shipped signature release. This means UPS will leave the package at the doorstep, front desk or gate associated with the shipping address without requiring a signature upon delivery. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the contents of the package are stored in a freezer or refrigerator promptly after delivery. FoodyDirect cannot be responsible for orders with incomplete or invalid addresses, or that are sent to recipients who are not available to store the contents of the order on the day of arrival. UPS cannot deliver to a P.O. box.

Prep & Care

STORE: My Pi pizzas will be fully or partially frozen upon arrival. Place pizzas in your freezer where you can store them for up to 6 months (but pizzas are best enjoyed within 90 days). Refrigerate any leftovers immediately and consume within 2 days.

PREP: Do not preheat your oven. Remove the pizza from its packaging. Place the pizza directly on your oven rack — the middle rack is ideal. Place a foil sheet on a lower rack or on the bottom of your oven in case cheese or sauce drips over. Then turn your oven on to 400°F. Bake your pizza about 35-45 minutes. The cook time depends on two important factors: how well your oven heats, and what type of pizza you’re heating (veggie pizzas and multiple-item pizzas will take longer to cook). After 30 minutes, continue to check your pizza every 5 minutes until it is done to your liking.

Microwave cooking is NOT recommended.

Your pizza is done when: The sauce is no longer too watery, the internal temperature is 160°F, and the crust is crisp and golden (or to your preference). Quick fixes: If your sauce is too watery, bake the pizza for longer. If the crust is browning too quickly, move to a higher shelf in the oven or carefully put the pizza on cookie sheet. If the crust is not browned enough, move to lower oven shelf.

Storage & Care:

If your My Pi Pizza is still frozen or partially frozen when it arrives, place it in your freezer and cook within 90 days. You can keep your pizza in the freezer up to 6 months, but pizzas are best enjoyed within 90 days. Refrigerate any leftovers immediately and consume within 2 days or discard.


Deep Dish Pizza - Frozen:

Remove all packaging and place the pizza on a cookie sheet pan. If your cookie sheet isn’t big enough, you can turn the pan upside down and place the pizza on the back of the pan. Place pizza on the middle rack of your oven, then turn your oven on to 400°F Bake your pizza about 30-35 minutes, or until the crust is a nice golden brown and the pizza is hot throughout. For a crisper crust, place the pizza directly on your oven rack.

Deep Dish Pizza – Refrigerated/Thawed:

Thaw your pizza overnight in the refrigerator. Preheat your oven to 400°F. Remove all packaging and place the pizza on a cookie sheet pan. If your cookie sheet isn’t big enough, you can turn the pan upside down and place the pizza on the back of the pan. Bake your pizza about 20-25 minutes, or until the crust is a nice golden brown and pizza is hot throughout.

Baking times may vary depending on your oven. Microwave cooking is NOT recommended

20 reviews

Karen s
Tulsa, OK
Posted on 01/26/2018

It is just as I remember it- delicious!

Napa, CA
Posted on 12/17/2017

Delicious!! I definitely will order again.

Gum Spring, VA
Posted on 11/29/2017

There's no pizza like deep dish from MyPie!!!

Flushing, NY
Posted on 10/12/2017

Great as Always!!

Stamford, CT
Posted on 10/05/2017

Great product... Great service.

Williamsburg, VA
Posted on 09/04/2017

Years and years ago, My Pi had a restaurant in Norwalk, CT. We loved it. When it closed, we were all so sad. We eventually found Pizza Uno which was good, but could not compare to My Pi. When we found out there was a My Pi in Chicago, we made a side trip and brought it back to our hotel to enjoy. Then we started ordering it. Two weeks ago I ordered 4 pies and we had 2 last night. With only 2 left in our freezer, I just reordered another 4 since FoodyDirect had a sale. This pie is delicious!

Sevierville, TN
Posted on 06/19/2017

The My Pi pizza I ordered arrived on time and still frozen, and was delicious. However, I had two items of feedback. I baked two of the pizzas following the enclosed directions for the frozen pizza. The only disappointing thing was that during the baking process, the Pizza #4: Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni, Fresh Tomatoes crust dough started to fall between the oven racks after 30 minutes of baking, and when we attempted to slip a baking sheet under it, about 1/3 of the pizza began to disintegrate and fall between the slats of the oven rack. It seems that the crust must not have been prebaked long enough, as this did not happen to the Italian Sausage and Black Olive pizza that was baking at the same time on the same rack of the oven. The only other feedback that I have was that there were what seemed to us to be far too many stem ends of the diced tomatoes that were in the sauce on both pizzas. Please pass this along, if you would. Many thanks for your assistance.

Boca Raton, FL
Posted on 04/29/2017

My third time that I've ordered these pizzas from you. Filling and delicious !

Naples, FL
Posted on 04/22/2017

Very easy ordering....great delivery .... pizza absolutely delicious! Will definitely order again, using foodydirect. email said to expect delivery on April 14th in afternoon.....was right on.

Carole s
Bloomington, MN
Posted on 03/25/2017

My order for My PI Pizza came on Friday, I ordered it on Tuesday, very quick delivery! It came wrapped in a strofoam cooler with dry ice. The pizzas were frozen upon arrival. The flavor and taste of my favorite pan pizze was excellant! I wish there was still a MY PI PIZZA in MN where I live so I could order it fresh, but this is the next best thing. Thanks Foodydirect for delivering my favorite pizza to my home!

Plymouth, MN
Posted on 02/24/2017

We used to go to My Pi 25 years ago in Minneapolis and fondly remember the one of a kind Chicago deep dish pizza. I have found no other pizza since that makes the crust so light and delicious. Fortunately, I now have access to the original My Pi pizza through Foodydirect! The pizza did not disappoint! I had the sausage and mushroom deep dish and found every bite to be utterly insatiable.

Snellville, GA
Posted on 01/07/2017

Perfect Christmas gift for a Pizza junkie!

South Setauket, NY
Posted on 12/08/2016

Always wanted to try Chicago Deep Dish Pizza but my chances of getting to Chicago are slim. This pizza was great! Everyone in the family loved it including my 6 yr old grandson, who is quite the picky eater. And that says a lot as we live in NY on Long Island with amazing NY pizza places nearby. Cant wait to order again. We had the regular cheese and the sausage and mushroom.

Estes Park, CO
Posted on 11/12/2016

My order arrived exactly on time, packaged perfectly and in excellent condition. If you sign up with UPS for their shipping updates, you will know within minutes of the delivery, so I just ran home when I got the alert from UPS and put my order in the freezer. The pizzas were fresh (frozen) and delicious! At $25 each, that's about what I would spend at a good quality pizzeria, if they did, in fact, have one in my home town. I love my town but it is definitely not known for it's cuisine. This was my first order through FoodyDirect, but it certainly won't be my last. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Flushing, NY
Posted on 10/27/2016

Great as always!

Pottstown, PA
Posted on 10/07/2016

Pizza packaged and wrapped in heavy duty cardboard with 3 blocks of dry ice. It looked like someone had taken their time to prepare my food. pizza good when baked in oven. would order again.

Peachtree City, GA
Posted on 08/12/2016

Growing up on Long Island, NY there was a My Pi Pizza near where I lived. We went there frequently as we loved their food. Since that time we have moved to GA, and the My Pi on Long Island has closed. Recently surfing the Internet I stumbled onto the My Pi located in Chicago, and Foody Direct delivers. I couldn't believe it!!!! Was I finally going to have that great food we used to enjoy all those years ago from My Pi? I ordered 4 pizza's. They arrived exactly when it was supposed to and they were EXCELLENT! Brought tears to my eyes! We definitely be ordering again!!!!

San Jose, CA
Posted on 06/30/2016

Probably my favorite pizza, ever! The dough has this taste that I've never tasted before - I can't even put it into words! I would order this again and again.

Posted on 06/18/2016

Pizzas were perfect. Will definitely order from My Pi Pizza again.

Boca Raton, FL
Posted on 06/15/2016

Awesome Pizzas! Will order again