Gluten Free Bagels by the Dozen

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New Cascadia's gluten free bagels are made in the traditional New York style, formed by hand, proofed over-night to develop flavor, then boiled and baked in a hearth oven. You will seriously forget you are eating gluten-free! These bagels provide a worthy surface for any lox, shmear or spread and can hold their own straight out of the bag.

There are 4 varieties to choose from: plain, everything, poppy seed, and sesame seed.

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7 reviews

Posted on 10/26/2018

These bagels are so delicious. I cannot even tell they are gluten-free. They are dense and chewy, just like a regular flour bagel from a bagel shop here. I am beyond thrilled with these bagels. I will be ordering them again and again. I just wish they would expand to Wyoming. Ha, ha.....

Redmond, WA
Posted on 08/03/2018

Bagels arrived as expected-excellent service!

Surfside, FL
Posted on 07/27/2018

The bagels are great but the delivery was supposed to be overnight, which is what I paid for. Unfortunately they arrived the day after.

Cross River, NY
Posted on 04/26/2018

OMG! I’ve been gluten free for years and have tried tons of GF bagels. These are, by far, the BEST GF bagels ever! I will order again and again! Shipping costs are almost as much as the cost of the bagels, though, since I’m on the other side of the country from the bakery. BUT it is totally worth it when you are a foodie and native New Yorker who grew up on the traditional NY style bagel! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE!

Andover, MN
Posted on 02/09/2018

Arrived fresh and packed well. Bagels are delicious, dense and chewy. Best gluten free bagels I’ve ever had.

Spokane, WA
Posted on 11/18/2017

We travel to Portland several times a year and was fortunate enough to find New Cascadia bread awhile back and always enjoy their bread and take some home with me. I'm hoping they will have the raisen cinnamon bread available by shipping as well. thank you.

Derry, NH
Posted on 11/15/2017

These bagels really hit the spot.

Shipping Days
Storage & Care:

Bagels should be enjoyed within 1 day of receiving them or put in the freezer for up to a month.