Gluten Free Custom Bread Box

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Here is your chance to put together a custom pack of amazing gluten free breads from New Cascadia. Choose up to 3 different types of delicious breads and buns from among the following choices:

  • Farmhouse Sandwich Bread: The natural starter gives it a very subtle sourness that enhances the flavor. The light, moist and tender crumb belies the fact that this bread is mostly whole grain. Perfect for any sandwich, PB and J for the kids or roasted turkey with all the fixings for the grown ups.
  • 4 Pack of Burger Buns: Reminiscent of Italian ciabatta, these are more versatile that your average hamburger bun. Chewy and light, this bun is awesome for everything from chicken salad to cheeseburgers
  • Rustic Italian Bread: Based on the classic Italian Pugliese bread, is naturally leavened and baked in a hearth oven. It rises slowly for hours, developing its flavor and a soft open crumb. It’s then baked to perfection giving it a crunchy crust.
  • Honey Gold Sandwich Bread: A 100% whole grain bread that is surprisingly comparable to “white bread” in its texture and flavor but much higher in nutritional value. Our best-selling bread is perfect for sandwiches, toast, french toast or as it is

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5 reviews

Kelly m nichols
Knoxville, TN
Posted on 06/14/2018

This is my second order of GB Custom Bread and I love it. I don't feel like I have to go without anymore, having a delicious bread available to me is special. Thanks, Kelly

Billerica, MA
Posted on 05/05/2018

The very BEST GF Rolls I have EVER had. You honestly can’t tell that they’re GF. Because I have Celiac’s Disease it is absolutely imperative that I eat Gluten Free products. I have tried every brand of bun out there and they’re horrid. My only negative comment is the price to ship them to me, very expensive

Toni a
Westminster, CO
Posted on 03/17/2018

The flavor of the bread is good, but I've found the amount of xanthan gum needed to make these yeast breads stick together enough gives it a slightly slimy texture I'm not fond of and it doesn't agree with my stomach if I eat more than one roll or one piece of the rustic loaf. The quality is really good though and if you don't mind the texture this is the best gluten-free artisan style bread I've found.

Leon, KS
Posted on 03/08/2018

very good bread, well packaged, happy to have the reusable cooling brick, the GF rustic Italian was wonderful.

Portland, ME
Posted on 02/01/2018

The breads arrived in excellent condition, and has been as delicious as fresh bread from their bakery in Oregon!

Shipping Days
Storage & Care:

All breads and bagels should be enjoyed within 1 day of receiving them or put in the freezer for up to a month. Baguettes and loaves of bread can also be placed in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.