Norske Nook Pies
Osseo, WI
Award Winning Pies from Wisconsin

45 National Blue Ribbons Awards


National Pie Championships

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With five locations, Norske Nook is a Wisconsin institution. Named for a group of Norwegian farmers, this traditional restaurant, bakery and coffee house originally opened in a small rural farming town in 1973. But it’s their prize-winning pies that transformed the Norske Nook from just another hometown cafe into a world-renowned destination for pie lovers. Tender double crust pies plump and sweet with fresh fruit are available in classic 9-inch, or oversized 11-inch shipped in reusable tins. The pies will transport you to a region of the country known for the pie and the friendly hospitality of a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. The popularity of Norske Nook’s pies has helped them expand from one to four locations, and the evolution of their original restaurant into a Scandinavian gift and coffee house.

About The Food

The Midwest is famous for pies, and the pies from Norske Nook are the ultimate award winners—Norske Nook has won 45 National Blue Ribbons at the annual National Pie Championship in Florida! Their oversize double crust pies baked into reusable 11 inch tins are packed with sweet fresh fruit. Each pie is made from scratch and every crust is rolled by hand. The pies are so good that in 2015 Norske Nook published a book of pies to satisfy pie lovers near and wide. Another Scandinavian specialty known as “lefse”—a hand-rolled potato-based flatbread—is sure to win fans. Tender and fresh, they can be spread with butter and topped with sugar, or rolled up with any filling you like.

Meet The Owner

Jerry Bechard grew up on a small farm just outside Chippewa Falls, WI After college and a career as a police officer in Denver, CO, Bechard moved back to the Midwest and purchased the Norske Nook from the original owner, Helen Myhre in 1990. Since then he has expanded the Norske Nook to four locations. Bechard is the past winner of the Restaurateur of the year from the Wisconsin Restaurant Association and co-author of Norske Nook Book of Pies and Other Recipes.


45 National Blue Ribbons Awards


National Pie Championships

Great Pies from Coast to Coast



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Storage & Care

Norske Nook pies are hand-made, fresh baked and then frozen to arrive to you as fresh as possible. Fresh Baked Pies

STORE: Once your pie is thawed, store at room temperature. Your pie will keep for 4-5 days refrigerated or 2 months frozen.

WARM: Your pie is fully baked. To heat, make sure pie is completely unwrapped. Preheat your oven to 350°F and heat pie for 15-20 minutes or until heated through.