Pat's Short-Rib Burger Blend

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Pat LaFrieda's Short Rib Burger Blend is made from short rib, brisket, chuck, and shoulder clod of American Black Angus Beef. This award winning blend has a rich, short rib flavor and is one of our favorites. This versatile blend tastes great cooked to any level of doneness.

Select from 4 different size options - 6-oz, 8-oz, 3-oz Sliders, or loose-pack Ground Beef

Pat LaFrieda hamburgers are so highly regarded that many restaurants proudly display their name with our burgers on their menu. They are known throughout the country for their custom burger blends. Pat LaFrieda's makes over 75,000 hamburgers a day from hundreds of custom blends. Pat LaFrieda's burgers are made fresh daily from whole cuts of meat, not trimmings. You will taste the difference in every juicy and delicious bite.

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6 reviews

Chattanooga, TN
Posted on 09/19/2018

Pat's Short-Rib Burger Blend is the best burger meat out there! I ordered the 6 pound option (4 - 1 1/2 pound packages) this time. It arrived on time, packaged well, and cold to near frozen. This time I used 1 package to make the best meatloaf ever. I like to cook the meatloaf normally then on a hot cast iron skillet sear each side before serving. Delicious. You will not be disappointed with this burger meat. It is more like a true steak burger!

Brooklyn, NY
Posted on 10/14/2017

Pat LaFrieda Meats - Pat's Short-Rib Burger Blend are juicy and delicious, the meat literally melts in your mouth from the first bite until the last bite. Whether you buy them as a burger, slider or just grounded, either way it's worth the price. I had ordered the original blend and the short rib blend at least 5 times already and either one will definitely will be reorder again.

Brooklyn, NY
Posted on 09/02/2017

Pat's Short Ribs Burger Blend is just so good. I order the 6 pound of ground beef and I love that they package it in four one and a half pound packs. This way, you can take out one at a time or share a pack or to with family. With the individual package, I was able to use one for meatballs, one for burgers, gave one to my sister and the last one, I haven't decided yet what I am going to make yet. Whether you buy Pat's Short Ribs or Original Blend as a burger already formed or as ground beef, you will not be disappointed. Juicy, tasty and just plain delicious from your first bite till your last bite. Definitely worth the money and I will be ordering Pat's Short Ribs and Original (I already ordered the Original three times already) Blend again.

Howard b
New York, NY
Posted on 08/24/2017

Pat LaFrieda is the god of burgers and his short rib blend makes for a heavenly experience.

Howard b
New York, NY
Posted on 06/02/2017

They are absolutely the best burgers I've ever had. 2-1/2 minutes on each side on a screaming hot griddle for perfect crusty, rare burger.

Millbrook, NY
Posted on 09/09/2016

Excellent hamburger blend, flavorful and perfect size for a nice brioche bun

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Orders placed by 5pm ET Monday through Wednesday can be shipped as early as the next day.

Storage & Care:

All meat from Pat LaFrieda is cut (or ground) to order, and packed in vacuum-sealed packaging on the day it ships to ensure absolute freshness. All items are shipped fresh and with ice packs to keep the items cool. Meat can be refrigerated for up to 7 days in the vacuum-sealed bag. Once the bag has been opened, meat should be consumed within 48 hours. Meat can be stored in your freezer for up to one month.

Pat LaFrieda’s Cooking Tips

<br> + Keep your burger or steak at 36°F until you are ready to start cooking, so the insides will not overcook. (You can use a meat thermometer to check the temperature) + Salt the meat before cooking, (pepper it after), and cook at a temperature of 500°F + When cooking your steak(s): don’t flip the meat repeatedly. Let the meat cook just long enough on each side so it does not burn. You should flip a total of only 4 times.