Raffetto’s Ravioli Custom 3-Pack

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Create your own custom 3-pack of this Raffetto’s house specialty! Great ravioli starts with great pasta, and Raffetto’s makes theirs from a century-old recipe using durum flour, fresh whole eggs and water. Choose a variety of 3 mouthwatering fillings.

Each box weighs 21 ounces and contains 48 ravioli (1-3/4-inches square). Select your flavor of choice:

  • Cheese
  • Cheese and Spinach
  • Meat and Spinach (Pork & Beef)
  • Mushroom
  • Roasted Red Pepper with Mozzarella and Basil
  • Lobster (in tomato pasta)
  • Seafood (lobster, crabmeat, shrimp and crawfish)
  • Goat Cheese (in Whole Wheat pasta)
  • Pumpkin
  • White & Black Truffle

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2 reviews

Norfolk, VA
Posted on 01/11/2017

Best ravioli I've ever had. Moved away from NYC 6 years ago and have missed Raffetto's raviolis (and sauces!) ever since. Not cheap to have them delivered in this way, but 100% worth it. And I disagree with the previous reviewer. I have always bought several boxes (even when I lived in NYC) and frozen them. Absolutely delicious. Nothing else comes close.

Rapid City, SD
Posted on 12/23/2016

Producer when eaten fresh is excellent. Once frozen, it becomes very ordinary. If you order, eat it fresh and/or give to others who can eat it fresh.

Storage & Care:

Refrigerate ravioli immediately upon delivery. Any ravioli not eaten within 2 days of delivery should be frozen. All of Raffetto’s ravioli can be frozen up to 2 months, and if stored frozen should be cooked frozen.


The amount of salt in the water is very important. Raffetto’s does not put any salt in the dough; therefore it is critical to add salt to the water for maximum flavor. Add approximately 1½ tbsp. of salt per 10-qt pot, and cook 6-8 minutes. After straining the ravioli, Raffetto's suggests tossing your ravioli in a small amount of olive oil to keep it from sticking. Avoid "shocking" the ravioli with cold water as that will wash away some of the flavor.

Serving Suggestions:

Add a sauce of your choice or a simple finish of melted butter for a fantastic appetizer, side dish, or entrée.