Shrimp Ettoufe

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In French the word ettoufe literally means ‘smothered’, which is the perfect way to describe this house specialty of Chef Raz. This dish is choc full of delicious shrimp and savory Louisiana vegetables smothered in a spicy Cajun stew.

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1 review

Alpharetta, GA
Posted on 01/24/2018

I haven't actually eaten any of it yet, but I've ordered it numerous times before, and it is always delicious.

Storage & Care:

If kept unopened in the vacuum sealed bag, the Cajun Jambalaya, New Orleans Gumbo, Shrimp and Crawfish Ettoufe, and Bayou Chicken will remain fresh up to 1 year if kept frozen, and up to 60 days refrigerated.


Add water to a 2-quart stockpot. Heat water to boiling, insert vacuum sealed bag in boiling water and heat for 15 minutes until internal temperature reaches 165°F.