Norwegian Smoked Salmon

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Sable’s hand-sliced Norwegian smoked salmon is treated with low-salt brine and cold-smoked for outstandingly meaty and rich flavors and bold, bright orange color.

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5 reviews

Posted on 09/30/2017

Your foods made breaking our fast most memorable. Thanks you , everything was DELISH

Bellingham, WA
Posted on 04/16/2017


Saint Ignace, MI
Posted on 01/01/2017

I live in a "gourmet food desert"- we have excellent rustic locally caught and smoked salmon, but it is chunky, salty, boney, and needs preparation. On the other hand, Sables salmon is buttery, smooth, tender, and ready to serve. If I want to get something even a little like Sable's smoked salmon, I have to drive 40 miles, and even then it is not a deli- it's finding a store that might have vacuum-packed fish. So, if you long for a real deli with real smoked salmon, look no further; Sables is your home.

East Islip, NY
Posted on 10/28/2016

We enjoyed every bit of it!

Atherton, CA
Posted on 07/03/2016


Storage & Care:

Refrigerate your smoked fish and seafood salads upon receipt. Smoked fish should be consumed within 7 days. For the freshest flavor, enjoy within 3 to 4 days.Seafood salads will be fresh for consumption for 3 to 4 days after receipt. We strongly discourage freezing the smoked fish and seafood salads. Bagels should be enjoyed within 24 hours, or stored in the freezer upon receipt. Bagels are best when sliced in half and lightly toasted, or warmed whole in the oven.