Sable's New York Bagel Slices

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Sable's is famous for their simple but brilliant innovation of cutting fresh H&H bagels cross-wise, resulting in these round slices of bagel heaven. Taste them with a schmear of Sable's famous whitefish salad, lobster salad or chopped liver and you may never eat crackers again.

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2 reviews

Jacksonville, FL
Posted on 01/26/2017

I love this place. It all arrived fresh and delicious, as if you just stopped by the deli that morning!! I will be ordering again !!

Tracy l.
Ashland, PA
Posted on 11/30/2016

Quality excellent, as always. The best in New York. I would wish for slightly stronger, more secure containers for the salads, which sometimes leak.But everything was nevertheless superb.

Storage & Care:

Bagel slices are fresh and should be enjoyed within 24 hours, or stored in the freezer until shortly before serving.