Pacific Red Stone Crab Party Pack (15 lbs)

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This party pack saves you $50 OFF regular prices on LARGE CLAWS, and $100 OFF regular prices on JUMBO CLAWS!

Host a serious crab feast with this package of succulent, wild caught “Pacific Red” stone crab claws. Delivered to your door within 24 hours of harvest, these delicacies taste as sweet and tender in your kitchen as they do fresh off the dock in Santa Barbara, CA. Package comes complete with mallets, crackers and creamy mustard sauce for dipping, so spread 'em on some newspapers and GET CRACKIN'!

The Pacific Red Stone Crab Party Pack includes:

  • 15 lbs Large or Jumbo Pacific Red Stone Crab Claws, un-cracked and perfectly cooked
  • 3 Wooden Crab Mallets
  • 3 Metal Crab Crackers
  • 3 Creamy, Homemade Mustard Sauce (8 oz each)

Jumbo Claws = 2-3 claws per pound
Large Claws = 4-5 claws per pound

Suggested Serving Size:

  • 1 lb per person as an Appetizer
  • 1½ lbs per person as an Entree

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2 reviews

North Potomac, MD
Posted on 06/17/2016

The best, getting ready to order more

North Potomac, MD
Posted on 06/17/2016

So sweet and meaty

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Storage & Care:

These Stone Crab Claws have been securely packed in an insulated box, and kept cold using gel packs and/or dry ice. Unpack them immediately (remove from the bag) and store them in the coldest part of your refrigerator in a bowl or large container, uncovered.

Alternatively, you can keep them between 32 and 35 degrees on packed ice. If keeping on ice, place a colander over a large bowl and pour a layer of ice into the colander. Then place the crab claws over the ice, and cover the claws with more ice. Maintain this environment as long as the claws are not under refrigeration, making sure to drain the bowl and re-ice periodically.

These claws will taste delicious and fresh for three to four days after delivery. However, the claws rarely spend more than a day in anyone's refrigerator! In fact, they arrive ready to crack and eat, so you can just get right to it!


<br> Place the claws on a hard surface such as a cutting board or any hard surface that won’t get damaged. <br> + Step 1) You’ll need a mallet, hammer or any other strong blunt instrument. This can be messy, so before cracking.....cover the claw with a kitchen towel or put the claw in a plastic bag. + Step 2) Now, begin lightly cracking the claws with your mallet in the 3 different sections, starting at the base of the claw. You’ll need more pressure as you move up to the pincher. + Step 3) Next, pull the shells from the claw meat and separate the two knuckles from the main pincher. + Step 4) Carefully pull the small pincher away. The “Meat Popsicle” will stay attached to the top large moveable claw (there’s a hard cartilage in the thickest part which is not edible).