Live Maine Lobsters for Eight

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Having a dinner for four but still trying to decide what to serve? Why not let us ship a part of New England right to your door with our Lobsters for Eight! Your order will include 8 fresh caught live lobster from cold waters of Maine. Your order will also include an ample supply of wet naps, lobster picks, shell crackers and place mats with instructions to boot. We'll even throw in some sea salt to boot!

Ships Monday through Friday via Overnight service
Order by Thursday at 12 Noon (ET) for delivery by Friday

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1 review

Van Nuys, CA
Posted on 03/23/2018

Thank you, just some of the lobster have to meat inside.

Storage & Care:

Immediately upon arrival, remove your lobsters from the cooler and place them in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Do not put lobsters in a plastic bag or sealed container, and avoid putting your lobsters in water or covering with ice.<br>

Live Maine lobsters are green, dark brown, or blue. They'll turn red when you cook them.<br>

For maximum enjoyment, cook your lobsters within 24 hours of arrival.