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After seeing Stan Berman on a TV travel show and admiring his passion for his donut business, Rich Labriola, founder and president of the Labriola Baking Company, reach out to Stan. The result of the new friendship was a partnership to bring the more than 50-year-old donut shop to the Midwest. Labriola put his stamp on the donut shops with a stylish and inviting design, La Colombe coffee, and an incredibly delicious variety of artisan donuts, like pistachio-glazed, chocolate orange old-fashioned, and Cap’n Crunch & Buttercream Bismark. For the first time, Stan’s is shipping their epic donuts—by the dozen—straight to your (or your very appreciative gift recipient’s) door!

About The Donuts

Stan’s Donuts offers both yeast-raised and cake donuts, each made with a specially formulated bread starter to add another layer of complexity, rarely found in Chicago’s burgeoning doughnut scene. But Rich Labriola says he’s not about to go the way of wacky, often mismatched flavors that have been popping up lately (and don’t expect to see any cronuts, either). “I like simple flavors. For me, making a great glazed donut is the equivalent of making a great baguette, or pain au levain. I would say one of my favorite donuts is the cinnamon twisted pretzel or the peanut butter pocket.” Customer favorites include Strawberry-glazed, Double Chocolate Old-fashioned, Chocolate Pocket with Nutella & Banana, and Maple Caramel Bacon Pecan bars (you heard that right ;). To enhance the donut-enjoying experience, they serve La Colombe coffee with the full array of coffee beverage concoctions.

Meet The Bakers

Started by Stan Berman in 1963, Stan’s Donuts has been a mainstay of Westwood Village in Los Angeles, California, serving everyone from Hollywood royalty (Elizabeth Taylor, Steve McQueen, and Ali McGraw) and hungry UCLA students looking to fuel all-night study benders. Stan’s recent partnership with Chicago bakery and pizza maven Rich Labriola now has the brand reinvigorated and thriving in the Midwest (the first shop opened in Chicago’s Wicker Park in 2013). “I felt a connection with Stan from the first time I met him,” said Labriola. “He is as passionate about his donuts as I am about my breads. Also, I like his history. 50 years in the same location.” Labriola, who as a little kid would sneak into his father’s car so he could watch him make pizza at his shop in Calumet Park, understandably refers to himself as "Doughboy." "There is room for some fun," he says. "But this business, the restaurants, the doughnuts, the pizza, there's no stop in all this. I have been lucky, no doubt about that. But I have also listened and I have learned and I have worked as hard as I know how." In 1993 Rich launched Labriola Baking Company, building an impressive portfolio of customers like Keefer's, Tru, Gibson's and Sunda. In 2008 he opened Labriola Bakery Cafe, and Neapolitan Pizzeria, both in Oak Brook, IL. In 2013 he sold his wholesale bakery (Labriola Baking Company) and dove head first into Stan’s Donuts, and LaBarra, his award-winning artisan pizza concept.

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During the warm Summer and Spring months Stan's only ships via UPS Next Day Air for morning deliveries to ensure packages arrive in excellent condition.

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Packaging & Delivery

Stan's Donuts are professionally packed to arrive in excellent condition within the max allowable transit time of 1 day.

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Storage & Care

Keep donuts at room temperature and enjoy within 1 to 2 days.