Fresh Deep-water Mussels

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The stunning purple-black shells of Taylor Shellfish’s fresh deep-water mussels hide nuggets of buttery meat with a rich, mushroomy sea flavor. They grow hanging from floating rafts in deep-water bays, so they are always grit-free and glossy-shelled. Mussels intensify any sauce and are equally at home in French, Italian, Asian, or West Coast cuisine. Mussels can be steamed or used in prepared dishes ranging from the simple to the complex. They can stand up to sauces and preparations with intense flavors. This makes them one of the most versatile and delectable shellfish alternatives.

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Shipping Days
Handling Fresh Oysters:

Consuming: Eat them fresh! It’s recommended to eat oysters 1 - 2 days after purchase. Discard any open oysters.

Note: For added safety, we recommend folding a dish towel or bar towel in your hand that is holding the oyster.

Care: Keep oysters moist with a damp towel. Do not submerge oysters in water.

Store: Keep live oysters on ice or refrigerate (35 - 45°F).