Fresh Manila Clams

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The sweetest, most tender clams you’ll ever eat, Manilas are also the snazziest dressers. Chefs love the way Manila clams’ striped, colorful shells bring a dish to life. Equally good steamed, sautéed, or on the half shell, Manilas have made many a new clam lover. Taylor’s are harvested every day and purged in seawater, so they are always fresh, plump, perky, and sand-free. Steamed clams are the perfect appetizer, requiring very little preparation. Steamed in herbs, wine and garlic: citrus juices and ginger: or simply a good hard cider. Chopped or minced clam meat is great for dips or chowder. Clams also lend themselves well for frying.

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Shipping Days
Handling Fresh Oysters:

Consuming: Eat them fresh! It’s recommended to eat oysters 1 - 2 days after purchase. Discard any open oysters.

Note: For added safety, we recommend folding a dish towel or bar towel in your hand that is holding the oyster.

Care: Keep oysters moist with a damp towel. Do not submerge oysters in water.

Store: Keep live oysters on ice or refrigerate (35 - 45°F).