Kumamoto Oysters

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Known for their amazing sweetness and clean, fruity aromas, these Japanese natives grow agonizingly slowly, but some things in life are worth the wait. Many people’s favorite oyster, “Kumos” take three to four years to reach perfection. Once mature, the oysters have beautifully fluted shells and plump meats with a hint of honeydew in both flavor and color. Kumamoto Oysters were introduced to Washington from the Kumamoto prefecture in southern Japan in 1947. Small deep cup, sculptured, fluted shell, uniform size and shape with clean, sweet, nutty flavor. Kumos should be served chilled on the half-shell. Make sure that you serve them just after they have been shucked, to experience them at their peak flavor. As an accompaniment, we recommend a dry crisp white wine, chilled to the same temperature as the Kumos.

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Shipping Days
Handling Fresh Oysters:

Consuming: Eat them fresh! It’s recommended to eat oysters 1 - 2 days after purchase. Discard any open oysters.

Note: For added safety, we recommend folding a dish towel or bar towel in your hand that is holding the oyster.

Care: Keep oysters moist with a damp towel. Do not submerge oysters in water.

Store: Keep live oysters on ice or refrigerate (35 - 45°F).