Blue Owl Bakery
Kimmswick, MO
Home of World-famous “Levee High” Pies

The Two Best Desserts You've Never Tried


Forbes Magazine, August 2018

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Everyone in the historic town of Kimmswick, Missouri, knows Mary Hostetter’s restaurant is the spot for a delicious, country-style meal. But word of her famously tall, flaky-crusted Levee-High Apple Pies—each one piled high with 18 hand-peeled and hand-sliced apples—and her pecan pies and cheesecakes has traveled around the world and made her downhome bakery a source for a true slice of heaven.

About The Food

Prepare for a dessert experience like no other because the Levee High Caramel Apple Pie and Levee High Apple Pie are in a class all by themselves. A stunning presentation of 18 hand-peeled and hand sliced apples stacked in a tender, homemade, flaky pie crust and baked to fork-tender perfection, they take the classic pie to new heights in more ways than one. More down to earth in stature, but equally celestial are Blue Owl’s homestyle pecan pies, German Chocolate pie, and cheesecakes—all of which are guaranteed to delight any dessert lover.

Meet The Owner

Avid baker Mary Hostetter started off humbly in 1983, offering homemade baked goods and candies at craft shows, festivals, and fairs in the St. Louis area. But demand grew quickly. By Christmas of 1984, when she received 30,000 orders, she knew she had to expand beyond her home kitchen. The following summer, she partnered with Lucianna Ross, the matriarch of Kimmswick and owner of The Blue Owl Restaurant, to create a country tearoom that would hopefully serve 30 guests a day. Today, Mary welcomes more than 300 customers daily with the help of 75 staff, some of which are part of her own family. She also has nine cookbooks under her apron as well as numerous awards and a small collection of sweets shops featuring over 50 kinds of homemade candies.


The Two Best Desserts You've Never Tried


Forbes Magazine, August 2018

The Blue Owl’s world-famous Levee High Apple Pie® was named of Oprah's Favorite Things in Oprah Magazine!


O's Favorite Things, Oprah Magazine

We've scoured the country for the tastiest items around. The Levee High caramel apple pecan will add a "WOW" factor to your dessert buffet.


The Today Show

An engineering feat in its own right.


The Wall Street Journal, April 2017

Eighteen apples are baked into each [Levee High Apple Pie]; somehow they're shipped nationwide...without topping over!


USA Today - Destination Pies Across the USA

Featured on the Food Network program 'Road Tasted' with Bobby and Jamie Deen.

The only word capable of accurately describing what customers think when they see the apple pie for the first time is "Wow!!"


Forbes Magazine, August 2018

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Storage & Care

Levee High Apple Pies

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All Fruit & Pecan Pies

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Cheesecakes can be kept frozen 3-4 weeks. Allow 1-2 hours to thaw, and keep refrigerated up to 10 days.