BBQ Ribs & Pulled Pork for 4

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One rack of juicy ribs and a pound of tender pulled pork from the World Grand Champions of Memphis in May 2015—what’s better than that!

This package feeds 4 and includes:

  • 1 Rack of BBQ Ribs (choice of Baby Back or Spare)
  • 1 lb Pulled Pork
  • 1 Bottle of The Shed Original Southern Sweet BBQ Sauce

Select either Baby Backs (leaner), or Spare Ribs (more marbling and bigger).

Baby Back Ribs are cut high on the hog next to the tenderloin. Leaner than Spare Ribs, their 12 curved bones are the key to a true baby back.

Spare Ribs are cut from the side belly of the hog and have more marbling which means big flavor. These full-cut racks include the rib tips and a little bit of bacon, and usually have 11 bones.

How do they make the ribs? They start by rubbing them down with their Award Winning Rack Attack Rib Rub, then into the smoker they go until they turn a beautiful mahogany color. The Shed’s pitmasters then pull them out, rub them again, add their Original ShedSpred, wrap ‘em up and place ‘em back in the smoker until they are fall off the bone tender.

As for the Pulled Pork - They start with always FRESH, NEVER FROZEN Heritage breed pork. The Shed’s pitmasters cover their pork butts (shoulder) in their proprietary BBQ rub, then smoke ‘em over local pecan wood for 14 to 16 hours ‘til they’re tender, juicy and full of smoky BBQ flavor.

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3 reviews

Posted on 04/27/2018

I was pleasantly surprised how delicious the spareribs and pulled pork tasted. The ribs fell off the bone and were so tasty as well as the pulled pork. The bbq sauce had a distinct smoky flavor. It was a thoughtful, useful and delicious gift. As I had told my daughter it was more appreciated than a delivery of flowers. I had a two meals prepared for me, no fuss, no muss.

Bailey, CO
Posted on 04/13/2018

Some of the bedt bbq ever

Mansfield, TX
Posted on 07/16/2017

Wonderful, fall off the bone ribs and the pulled pork was incredible. Make sure to use their bbq sauce!! I will definitely order again. My only complaint , however, would be in the shipping. I ordered for a Friday delivery and got it at about 8 pm that night. It was completely thawed and at room temperature. The food was okay but I worried at first if it was going to be. It ships with cold ice packs - no dry ice.

Shipping Days
Storage & Care:

All products from The Shed have been smoked and frozen just before shipping. If partially or fully thawed upon arrival, you can refreeze, or refrigerate if you intend to enjoy it within 3 days. Barbecue can be stored frozen in its original packaging for up to 2 months. Defrost under refrigeration before heating


Preheat oven to 200-220°. Loosely wrap meat in foil,place on baking sheet and heat on center rack of your oven. After 10 minutes, open the wrapping to check the internal temperature. If needed, heat for 5-10 minutes more. Remember, you are steaming the meat in its own juices, not re-cooking it! Ribs can be re-heated on the grill over low heat. Glaze with BBQ sauce while heating for added taste.

All items from The Shed Should have an internal temperature should be 165° prior to serving