Summer Favorites - 4 Pint Ice Cream Pack

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The Summer Favorites collection features the delicious and light flavors that can only be experienced during the Summer when these ingredients are at their peak.

The Summer Favorites includes:

  • Oya Farm Strawberry Local, organic strawberries from Oya Farm that are perfectly ripe are made into homemade jam that is then blended into sweet cream to create a luxurious and delicious strawberry ice cream.
  • Blackberry Jamble Fresh, seasonal blackberries are handcrafted into jam that is swirled throughout sweet cream and then more blackberries are made into a jam and baked into a rich, butter oat jamble crust that is layered into the ice cream to create the perfect balance between buttery, sweet and tart
  • Lavender with Lemon Poppy Cookies – Lightly floral and absolutely delicious, this flavor is made with real lavender buds steeped in organic cream. The cream is mixed with house-made lemon poppy seed cookies for a unique flavor combination
  • Sweet Cream with Honey Balsamic Swirl Local honey and Sonoma balsamic vinegar pair together perfectly in this innovative flavor, inspired by founder and pastry chef, Becky’s mother. The honey balsamic swirl brings a delicious tang to the sweet cream.

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Storage & Care:

Enjoy within three weeks of opening for maximum quality. Unopened, the ice cream will retain its quality for up to 3 months.