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Husband and wife Rick and Val Thompson were high school sweethearts. After marrying they lived all over the country, while enjoying successful high-level management careers in the property management industry. In 2003 they settled down to start their family in Colorado. On a visit to their hometown of Estes Park they found a pie shop for sale, and the rest is history. Their pie shop opened in 2006, and they moved to a larger location and added a full Diner/Restaurant menu in 2013. Baking is their passion, and they strive to do it right. A family business, their pies are all baked from scratch from grandma's recipes and techniques. Their passion for baking shows in the quality and quantity of fruit they use, and their old-fashioned sugar crumb crust that sets their pies apart from the rest.

About The Food

Grandma knows best and that’s why their pies are made using family recipes and techniques passed down from generation to generation. The crusts are made from mom’s recipe and the pies are filled with 6 cups of fruit (double the amount used by most bakeries) and never include any preservatives or canned fruit. They use fresh local seasonal fruit that is bursting with flavor. A distinctive crunchy sugar crumb topping sets these pies apart from the rest, adding great texture and crunch. From owner Val Thompson: "Our pies are special because they're made from recipes that have been handed down through the generations from our great grandmother's generation eventually to us. We do things the old fashioned hand made way, without preservatives, or shortcuts." Would grandma and great grandma be proud? We certainly think so.

Meet The Owner

A family business, owners Rick and Val Thompson had high-level management careers in the property management industry and lived around the country before settling back in their home state of Colorado. They opened their pie shop in 2006 and have grown the business, moving to a larger location with a diner/restaurant in 2013. Passionate about baking they rely on their family recipes and are serious about using the best possible quality ingredients. Experts in making pie, their tips are featured prominently on their website and in numerous articles.


Great Pies from Coast to Coast



Best Pie in Colorado


Denver Post

“Seriously deep dish”


AAA magazine

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Storage & Care

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Warm: Heat your pie in the oven at 350° for 20 minutes or warm in the microwave for 30-40 seconds. Note: The aluminum pie tin is reusable and dishwasher safe, please do not put the tin in the microwave. You Need Pie!™ encourages recycling if you do not intend to reuse the tin.